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(Image: Roger Weik,   2013, Silver-Point on Arches Paper ; © Roger Weik)   Roger Weik (b. 1949, Chicago, Illinois) Roger Weik is a Mid-Career renowned Abstract Painter and Sculptor who lived in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Southern California in 1979 to pursue his Art career.  He has always held an affinity for thickness and texture.  There was something very organic about his work, a sense of having been created by some natural process rather than by an act of will on the part of the... [more]
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ROGER WEIK at Santa Monica Museum of Art April 30th, 2011 - May 1st, 2011
Posted 5/2/11
At the Santa Monica Museum of Art this last Saturday, the budget art bacchanal known as "Incognito" returned for its seventh year. The fundraiser is named such as the names of the artists are unknown until you pay your money (multiple packages available from tickets for lumpen lookie-loos up to five figures for the haute-bourgeois), the list of names front-ended as a teaser before the sale and consisting of over 500 prominent (and less prominent) artists.   Just by way of a random slice... [more]