Marco Almera

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Guitarro, 2003 Acrylic On Canvas 24"X32" © ©2003 Marco Almera
Madonna and Child, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 32"X48" © ©2007 Marco Almera
Yumi-ka , 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 24"X32" © ©2009 Marco Almera
Snowy Egret, 2009 Oil On Canvas 20"X28" © ©2009 Marco Almera
Indo Gold, 2009 Oil On Canvas 10"X20" © ©2009 Marco Almera
Speed Angel, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 30"X40" © © 2010 Marco Almera
Tiki Dream, 1999 Acrylic On Black Velvet 20"X30" © © 1999 Marco Almera
Surface, 2002 Acrylic On Canvas 18"X24" © © 2002 Marco Almera
Chica Peligrosa, 2003 Acrylic On Black Velvet 30"X40" © © 2003 Marco Almera
Flight, 2002 Acrylic On Canvas 24"X32" © © 2002 Marco Almera
Charger (Lounge), 2002 Acrylic On Canvas 24"X32" © © 2002 Marco Almera
Danzantes Woodcut/Scratchboard 18"X24" © ©2002 Marco Almera
Film Strip Neg, 2010 Oil On Canvas 16"X22" © ©2010 Marco Almera
Lone Koi-1, 2009 Oil On Canvas 24"X24" © ©Marco Almera 2009
Day Tripper, 2010 Prismacolor On Board 11"X14" © ©2010 Marco Almera
Flamenca!, 2010 Acrylic On Black Velvet 18"X24" © ©2010 Marco Almera
Prayer, 2010 Acrylic On Black Velvet 18"X18" © ©2010 Marco Almera
'59 Caddy Geisha, 2010 Acrylic On Black Velvet 22"X22" © ©2010 Marco Almera
Fall of the Dragon, 2011 Acrylic On Black Velvet 24"X32" © ©2011 Marco Almera
Underwater, 2011 Mixed Media Acrylic On Canvas 24"X30" © ©2011 Marco Almera
Kustom Nation, 2011 Mixed Media Acrylic On Canvas 18"X36" © ©2011 Marco Almera
Combat Rock, 2011 Mixed Media Acrylic On Canvas 20"X30" © ©2011 Marco Almera
Waikiki Surfer Girl, 2008 © Courtesy of the Artist and La Luz de Jesus Gallery
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La Luz de Jesus, Copro Gallery
mixed-media, pop

Marco Almera's artistic career emerged from the Southern California surf, skate and rock‘n’roll subculture of the late 80's. As a Southern California native, the artist was inspired by the do-it-yourself style of this subculture, and began by creating his own t-shirts and stylized graphics. As his underground art style developed, it continued to reflect this dynamic world of surfing, skateboarding, rock music, pinup girls, hot rods, iconography and the timeless coastal lifestyle. Studying fine art at UC Santa Cruz provided Almera the background of many different fine art mediums, the foundation from which he has been able to expand his craft.

Almera has spent his career working independently, creating t-shirt designs, album covers, rock music posters, ads, commercial graphics and commissioned paintings. The artist's hand-printed serigraphs can be found in art galleries, music stores and poster shops around the world. Over the years, he has enjoyed much success with his art and serigraphs in Japan, Germany, England, The Netherlands and all over the United States.

Since his gallery debut in 1999, Almera's momentum in the art world has continued. His painted canvases and commissioned pieces have been featured in solo and group shows at the Copro Gallery, the La Luz de Jesus Gallery, the Laguna Beach Art Museum, Track 16 Gallery, the 111 Minna and Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, the Huntington Beach Surf Museum, the Huntington Beach Art Museum, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, the Art Institute of California and Roq La Rue, Seattle.

Early on, the artist transitioned from primarily creating rock posters, album covers and custom graphics to creating fine art pieces, which he has shown in galleries around the world. Interestingly enough, Marco Almera has found much success and enthusiasm for his art in Europe after years of traveling and showing his work, primarily in Germany.

Almera's original paintings have been purchased and collected by a very diverse range of people. A few notables include: James Hetfield of Metallica, who owns an original Almera black velvet painting, "Tiki de Oro”, and Randy Hild, President of ROXY, who owns the "Surface” original. Joe Knoernschild, co-founder of Billabong USA and Hurley, has an Almera painting in with his collection of original Rick Griffin artwork. Almera was recently commissioned to create a black velvet painting for HBO comedian David Cross, which was used as his latest album cover. The artist also recently painted an homage to actor Danny Trejo.

In addition, Almera's popular art and prints have been used as set dressings in many T.V. and film productions. The Will Ferrell comedy classic "Old School", the ABC series "Wife Swap", the Rodriguez/Tarantino movie, "Grind House" and most recently, “Machete”, have all had set dressings featuring Almera originals, serigraphs and lithographs.

Marco Almera has been interviewed and featured in numerous art, surfing and cultural magazines in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The underground art magazine Juxtapoz featured the artist and carried a print and t-shirt design of his for years. In addition, Almera and his artwork have been featured in numerous hardcover books. The "Art of Modern Rock” published in 2004 included an artist interview and a series of Almera rock posters. This book was received well internationally, and will stand the test of time as being the primary reference for the modern Rock Poster Art movement. Almera's artwork was also featured in the book “Rockin’ Down the Highway”, published by the same author. “Kustom Graphics 2”, a 2010 follow-up to the popular “Kustom Graphics” book published by Korero Books (U.K.), features Almera and his newer work.

Recently, the artist was included in La Luz de Jesus Gallery’s 25th Anniversary Group Show and accompanying hardcover book, as well as “Surf Graphics”, the newest hardcover released by Korero Books (U.K.).

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