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Sculpture by Raja J
Sculpture by Raja
Sculpture by Jayaram
Beauty of a girl by Jayaram
Chinteya Magu ( A boy in a worry) by Jayaram
No Title by Raja J
No Title by Raja J
No Title by Raja J
Chaos by Kiran
Peace is life, War is death by Anand
Peace Divine by Santosh Ambu
Attack by Venkatesh
Life before the 6th of August by Prashanth R
Red World by Prashanth
Sneha the Dear by Frida
Slow death by Frida
Live and let live by Frida
Dark World by Frida
Fear by Gayathri
No War Only Peace by Santosh
This is War by Santosh
The River on Fire by Subramani
Water by Srinivas S
No More War by Venkatesh
Flower by Kiran
Black World by Prashanth R
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What is the Bornfree Art School?

The Bornfree Art School is a special school created exclusively for street, working children and freed bonded labor children. The objective is to educate and develop these children through the arts, putting them back into the main stream of education. Children will learn sculpture, painting, dance, music, theater, photography and filmmaking along with reading, writing, and mathematics. Education through entertainment and the sharing of knowledge are the core aspects to our dynamic process of learning. Art is a therapeutic means for children from such difficult backgrounds to express themselves freely, regain the confidence and self respect as well as to generate interest in education.


There are 217 million working children in the world, 134 million of which live and word in India. These children toil for adults’ profits and are deprived of the fundamental human right to education. Working children have no homes and attend no schools; they instead roam the streets and sleep under the stars. They belong to the most oppressed section of the society. In India, child labour is prohibited under the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child as well as the domestic law entitled the Child Labour Prohibition Act, 1986 in India. However, child labour is socially, politically, economically and culturally systemized and practiced all over India. We need to bring about a social and cultural change in the mindset of the people and create an ever-growing community committed to the cause of creating an egalitarian society free of toiling children. Until we take up the task of educating and empowering our children, changes in the social pattern will become a distant dream. It is through the expressive idiom of the plastic and visual arts- theater, dance, mime, song and music and dialogue. We can bring about a social and cultural change in the mindset of the people committed to the cause of creating an egalitarian society free of toiling children.

 Why Arts?

Art is a means of therapy for children who have been exposed to violence, anger, hatred and who are depressed and emotionally unstable. They need to be able to liberate themselves from these social, cultural, physical and emotional traumas through the cultivation of free expression and creativity generated by music, dance, theater, sculpting, painting, photographing, and filmmaking. The Arts are a powerful tool for these children to gain confidence and reestablish themselves as human beings of worth. The Arts create a safe place in which these children can dream a dream, recover their childhoods and have hope for the future. Artists make history and change the world. Artists can stop wars, fight against corruption, and change the way that people think. The Arts are a powerful tool for searching out the truth and finding the spirit of the inner self, both of immense value in self and social education.

Bornfree invites all artists and professionals to share their knowledge and skills of the plastic and visual arts with these children

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