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Google (on my computer screen), 2012 Acrylic, Sytrofoam, Clear Plastic Paint Containers, Cookie Box, Wax Paper, Newspaper, Blue Celophane, Aluminum Foil, Photos Of My Computer Screen 30 H X 40 W X 5 D
Electric Reindeer 2, 2012 Arylic, Brown Paper Bag, Aluminum Foil, Wax Paper, Newspaper, Glitter 24 X 36 X 1 Inches
Coltrane - In the Groove!, 2012 Acrylic, Styrofoam, Foam, Cardboard, Plastic Parts, Gold Cellophane, Gold Pipe Cleaner, Glitter 32 X 40 X 6 Inches
my private Auvers 2012, 2012 Acrylic, Sytrofoam, Roughly Corrugated Packing Cradborad, Photographs With (Craypa,Ink And Paint), Blue Celophane, Aluminum Foil, 32 X 40 X 6 Inches
Star Spangled Banner, 2012 Acrylic, Newspaper, Blue Cellophane, Aluminum Foil, Glitter 36 X 32 In. © KEVIN O'BRIEN
NUDE WOMAN, 1977 Acrylic, Canvas Board, Card Tubing, Slated Box, Styrofoam 7 Ft 4 In X 36 In
Auvers 1976, 1976 Acrylic, Burlap, Aluminum Foil 24 In X 36 In
Bacon and Eggs, 1976 Acrylic, Canvas Board, Brown Paper Bag, Newspaper, Glitter 24 In X 36 In
Bison 1976, 1976 Arylic, Cardboard Box, Paper Tubes, Wax Paper 42 X 36 X 34 In © KEVIN O'BRIEN
Sputnik, 1978 Pencil, Pencil, Styrofoam, Spray Paint And Antennas 60 X 20
Hamburger, 1977 Acrylic, Newspaper, Brown Paper Bag 6 Ft 8 In X 36 In
Hi Fi Hamburg, 2005 Acrylic, Cardboard; 24 In X 36 In 24 X 36 X 1 Inches
Big Fish, 2004 Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Styrofoam, Wax Paper 24 X 36 X 3 Inches
Ice Sheild (at Boston City Hall), 1979 Acrylic, Rubber Foam, Electrical Wiring 46 In X 30 In © KEVIN O'BRIEN
The Passage of Time (at private exhibit for Carl Belz (Rose)/Gillian Levine (ICA), 1978 Acrylic, Canvas Board, Rope, Aluminum Foil, Newspaper 7 Ft 3 In X 18 Ft 4 In
Fossil, 1977 Acrylic, Canvas Board, Rope, Newpaper 36 In X 7 Ft 5 In © KEVIN O'BRIEN
Wave, 1979 Acrylic, Wax Paper, Aluminum Foil, Cotton 24 In X 36 In
Energy Pack, 1979 Acrylic, Rope, Cardboard Box, Plastic Containers, Car Parts, Light Parts 7 Ft 4 In X 4 Ft
Human Being on Earth, 1978 Pencil On Paper, Matte Board 36 In X 20 In
Hi Speed Bison, 2005 Acrylic, Cardboard 24 X 36 X 1 Inches
Menthol Cigarettes, 1976 Acrylic, Cardboard, Styrofoam 40 In X 30 In
Computer at Phoenix Tech, 1988 Acrylic, Newspaper, Aluminum Foil 16 X 30 X 1 Inches
PC @Fidelity, 1996 Acrylic, Stryrofoam, Cardboard Tube, Plastic Cap, Cardboard 24 X 36 X 6 Inches
School of Fish, 1979 Acrylic, Cardboard, Brown Paper Bag, Wax Paper 30 In X 40 In © KEVIN O'BRIEN
Bison, 1977 Acrylic, Cardboard Tube, Stryrofoam, Plastic Tubing, Wax Paper On Canvasboard On Wood Rectangle 36 In X 24 X 6 In © KEVIN O'BRIEN
Bisons in Grass, 1999 Acrylic, Cardboard 30 In X 40 In © KEVIN O'BRIEN
Glass of Red Wine, 1976 Acrylic, Newspaper, Wax Paper 30 In X 24 In © KEVIN O'BRIEN
Energy Pack, 1979 Acrylic, Rope, Cardboard Box, Plastic Containers, Car Parts, Light Parts 4 Ft 4 In X 10 Ft © KEVIN O'BRIEN
Bottle of Coke, 2000 Acrylic, Cardboard 36 X 24 X 1 Inches
Nude Bather, 1979 Acrylic, Newspaper, Cardboard Box, Cardboard Tube 5 Ft 6 In X 6 Ft 2 In © KEVIN O'BRIEN
Front Door, 2014 Acrylic, Wood, Canvas Board, Styrofoam, Cardboard Box, Wax Paper 6 Ft 6 In 36 In
Herd, 1979 Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Cardboard 30" X 36"
Girl with Golden Hair, 2012 Acrylic, Plastic Parts, Glitter 40 X 32 X 1 Inches
Elrctric Reindeer, 2012 Acrylic, Glitter 22 X 28 X 1 Inches
Thunderbird, 1979 Acrylic, Homosote, Styrofoam, Wax Paper, Aluminum Foil, Electrical Wire
Mixed Drink, 2010 Acrylic, Wax Paper, Glitter 36 X 24 X 1 Inches
Google (on my computer screen), 2012 Acrylic, Sytrofoam, Clear Plastic Paint Containers, Cookie Box, Wax Paper, Newspaper, Blue Celophane, Aluminum Foil, Photos Of My Computer Screen 30 X 40 X 5 Inches © yes
van Gogh's Sunflowers, 2012 Acrylic, Burlap, Brown Paper Bag, Newpaper, Cellophane, Glitter; ... 36 X 24 X 3 Inches
electric reindeer 4, 2013 Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Newspaper, Aluminum Foil 36in Width X 24 Height
Skyscraper, 2103 Acrylic, Styrofoam, Aluminum Foil, Blue Cellophane, Spare Parts, Glitter 36 X 24 X 4 Inches
Self Portrait 2013, 4/2013 Acrylic, Photograph, Wire, Phone Cord, Hardware Parts, Glitter 36 X 24 X 2 Inches
cola 2013 (with label) on subway/graffiti, 2013 Acrylic On Cardboard And Spray Paint, Custom Photograph, Aluminum Foil, Cellophane, Brown Paper Bag, Newspaper, Glitter 36 X 24 X 4 Inches
Conan O'Brien on Set (waving arms), 2013 Acrylic, Aluminimum Foil, Newspaper, Plastic Parts, Cellophane, Glitter 24 X 36 X 1 Inches
jimmy fallon dancing/tweeting on my purple UphoneMx-90, 2014 Acrylic On Cardboard, Spray Paint, Styrofoam, Newspaper, Aluminium Foil, Brown Paper Bag, Cellophane, Glitter 36 X 24 X 4 Inches
Power Double Cheeseburger, 2014 Acrylic, Photograph, Brown Paper Bag, Aluminium Foil, Sytrofoam, Cellophanes, Electrical Wire, Glitter
Rising of the Moon (animation - in single frame) , 2014 Acrylic, Blue Cellophane, Brown Paper Bag, Aluminium Foil, Styrofoam, Glitter 24 In Height X 36 In Width X 3 In Depth
1960's TV (with radioactive greenscreen), 2014 Acrylic, Boxes, Tubes, Cellophane, Old Tv Parts, Aluminum Foil, Glitter 36 X 24 X 4 Inches
thunDer SpiRit, 2014 Acrylic, Cellophane, Plastic Cotton, Aluminum Foil, On Permanent Masonite 36 In Height X 24 In Width X 4 In Depth
Jack O' Lantern (with disposed candy wrappers), 2014 Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Celophane, Green Trash Bag 24 In X 36 In X 1 In
north American Bison (with trash bits, for realism), 2014 Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Cellophane, Green Trash Bag, Aluminum Foil, Paper Tubes, Trash Bits 24 In X 36 X 4 In
Soup's On, Andy! (Homage to Andy Warhol, 28 Years Later), 01/15/2015 Acrylic, Aluminum Foil, Brown Paper Bag, Newspaper, Glitter On Hard Masonite 36 X 24 X 1 Inches
evergreen '15 (Boston Blizzards of 2015), 2015 Acrylic On Hard Masonite, Dark Packing Foam,Trash Bags, Cotton, Brown Paper Bag, Cellophane, Glitter 34 X 24 X 4 Inches
Homage to Dubuffet's Homage to Klee's Senecio (if it existed), 2015 Acrylic On Hard Masonite, Brown Paper Bag, Cardboard Shapes, Cellophane, Glitter 36 X 24 X 3 Inches
Beer: Glass & Bottle, 2015 Acrylic On Hard Masonite, Cellophane, Wax Paper, Cotton, Aluminum Foil, Glitter 36 Inches Height X 24 Inches Width X 2 Inches Depth
Running Caribou, 2016 Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Cellophane, Glitter On Hard Masonite 24 In X 36 X 1
A Starry Evening in 2016 (figurative departure), 2016 Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Cellophane, Styrofoam, Cardboard, Twine, Glitter On Hard Masonite; 24 In X 36 X 1 In Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Cellophane, Styrofoam, Cardboard, Twine, Glitter On Hard Masonite; 24 In X 36 X 1 In
Dawlah Bill, 2015 Acrylic, Brown Paper Bag, Cellophane, Glitter On Hard Masonite 24 In X 36 X 1 In
New Thunderbird, 2016 Acrylic On Hard Masonite, Metalic Cellophane, Aluminium Foil, Pipe Cleaner, Glitter 24 X 36 X 2 Inches
Sputnik (Dawn of the Space Age), 2016 Acrylic On Hard Masonite, Metal Siding Parts, Aluminium Foil, Wax Paper, Glitter
eYepHone8zS (mYpHone ~ mYliFe) , 2016 Acrylic On Hard Masonite, Posterboard, Brown Paper Bag, Styrofoam, Glitter; 36 X 24 X 6 Inches
Industrial Strength Bison, 2016 Acrylic On Hard Masonite, Cardboard Parts, Cellophane, Aluminium Foil, Wires, Glitter 36" Width X 24" Height X 5" Depth
Quick Facts
Boston, MA
Birth year
Lives in
Boston, MA
Works in
Boston, MA
high painting, energy modern drawing
I am a proponent of Pan-Global, Industrial, Supra-Expressionism which attempts to utilize materials from global industrial culture within works created as art (depsite the fervent reactions to Neo- Expressionism and various other forms over the years, I need to incorporate it in my work, in a new way). The juxtaposition of the bold expressionistic strokes on the stark, bland industrial materials causes a good deal of tension. The bright colors used in the textures further differentiate the energy of the expressionistic strokes from the dullness of the main materials. I say Pan-Global because it is my belief that all cultures have been absorbed into the Industrialscape, in one way or another, and it is an artist's job to rediscover culture, and redeclare it boldly, without hesitation, using the new vocabulary they have been given, because there is no going backwards. It is "Supra" because an attempt is made to make the expressionistic content real, very real, by accentuating it's physical characteristics, texture and enhancing its 3D quality.
Reverence for the fine finished patinas that normally apply to art, as in art school or commercial art can be dispensed with for the boldness of an energy more sympathetic with rock and roll (e.g., jimi hendrix), r & b and/or jazz music (e.g., Coltrane). The high-power and energy of these musical expressions had a dramatic impact. Use of industrial materials in new combines (as influenced by Rauschenberg et al.) further stressed new ideas of how materials might be combined. I also try to avoid creating a work that has that "finished", art-professional look, of which I am not fond. Instead, I developed a new primitive kind of "carpentry" skills to hold these materials together, and worrying about loose hanging edges, polish etc. was lost.
Of course, there was a new vocabulary of objects that needed to be created and new motifs that needed to be developed and depicted using this type of expression. My symbols were inspired by Klee, Dubuffet, children's art, the "early" people of many different lands. Of course, everyday objects depicted as in Pop were sucked into this imagery through the industrial-scape. I try to develop a symbol from pseudo-figurative state, along a continuum until it becomes my own. The symbols might be fashioned more in the brute manner of Dubuffet, young children or early cultures, as fit more with expressionistic force. But this work cannot be relegated as being "Art Brut", or stereotyped in a similar manner because of its continuous relevant innovation in industrialism. I try to break the energy of the subject into separate snippets that then fit back together in a manner that makes the whole clear!
The effects of Surrealism on my work helped break things up into new arrangements, pieces, relationships, even melding forms together. Its super-focus and startling sharpness helped provide a basis for the glistening effects I like to add to some works, as if glowing within an industrial subway, or a modern cave. The rearrangement of shape and form helped me to melt normal shapes into new forms, which could better be used to express their industrial energy.
I do not feel that use of the basic materials of painting has been exhausted, or that art now must explore new materials/media to be able to make a valid statement. New media often provides a false feeling of physical, conceptual innovation that ends up ringing hollow.
Finally, since, to me, the spiritual is directly self-evident, it is also present in my work. The political and socio-political world are foreign to my art. I do not believe that all forms of expressionistic endeavors are now meaningless.



Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting:  University Of Massachusetts, Cum Laude

Studied with John Grillo, a student of Hans Hoffman. He was an early source of encouragement in developing my work.


My work Power Double Cheeseburger was just selected for the 2014 Community of Artists Juried Exhibition, to be exhibited from May to August, 2014: at the Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA. USA

My work cola 2013 (with label) on subway/graffiti, 2013  was on exhibit from Dec. 13, 2013 - Jan. 30, 2014 at the Midway Channel Gallery:

It's an exciting new collaboration within this space for this group of artists, with more to come!!


I have been accepted for an online exhibition by the EWNS Art Project Artist's Committee for 2013 - 2014

EWNS Art Project is a European organization, based in Paris area, France, that focuses on encouraging

emerging artists. It's goal is to be a window to the international art scene by presenting a selection of artists

to the French market, etc. To see me on their site, go to EWNS Art:
The new show is now online!! Under "Current Show"/click on my name

My work on Conan O'Brien's (US Television Late Night Star) Site:

Goto the Team Coco Site/select Fans/Coca Moca Fan Art/Select Multi Media/Scroll Down to the Picture/Hit the Right Arrow Until you see a Work by kLoB!!

New Late Night Art Work Loaded on Site:

Here is a review of my work published recently in this art review journal:

Here is the opening page:
My work on Artist Portfolio Magazine Web Site:

My work Skyscraper
has been selected into the 2013 Community of Artists Juried Exhibition
at the Danforth Art Museum

I won 4 Artslant Showcases in 2013 and one in 2012:

My Work Hamburger :

This particular work, a 7 foot tall hamburger, was constructed using my own brand of primitive carpentry. It is a seminal work for me.

Earlier in last July I heard from the Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, that my artwork was just selected to display on a rotating basis, appearing with other works on large video screen on the 2nd floor of the Saatchi Gallery within the next 24 hours. My work will remain in the loop as long as the screen is up. This is an ongoing project and an end date has not been decided yet.

I was invited to SM'ART Mediterranean Contemporary and Abstract Art Fair

*Artslant 2011 Showcase Winner(s) - Mixed Media


*American Art Awards 2011 - Category 54 - Sculpture - Non-representaional - 5th PLace


*Computer at Phoenix Tech
On exhibit Ferbruary 3-24, 2011 in Online (Dis)Connect
at Altered Esthetics


Big Fish
On exhibit April 5-26, 2007 in Art Reincarnated
at Altered Esthetics


Hi Fi Hamburg
A Finalist Award Winner in ABSTRACTION 2006
International Juried Open Arts Competition

1979 - Exhibit at Boston City Hall
Large Corridor, with 25 pieces exhibited
Martin McCavitt played at the opening


Exhibited at these venues
KEVIN O'BRIEN has Exhibited at these venues:

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