Michael Stanford

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Clover Girl, 2009 Repidiograph Pen 17 X 14 X .32 Inches © 2008
Mermaid........a New world, 2007 Repidiograph Pen, Watercolor On Vellum 14 X 17 Inches © 2007
A Secret Place, 2008 Ink 17.0 X 14.0 X .32 Inches © 2008
Snow Maiden, 2009 Ink And Watercolor 17.0 X 14.0 X .32 Inches © 2009
Castle, 2007 Ink 14x17 © 2007
Wolf, 1984 Ball Point Pen 10"X14" © 1985
Fort Baker, 2007 Ink And Watercolor 14"X17" © 2007
Dragon, 2006 Ink 17.00 X 14.00 Inches © 2006
Rapunzel, 2008 Ink And Watercolor 17.00 X 14.00 X .32 Inches © 2008
Red Riding Hood-One Month Later, 2007 Ink And Watercolor 17.0 X 14.0 X .32 Inches © 2007
A Fairy's Lesson, 2009 Ink 14.0 X 17.0 X .30 Inches © 2009
Mermaid on S.U.V., 2009 Ink 17.0 X 14.0 X .5 Inches © 2009
Cinderella, June 2010 Ink Pointillism 14.0 X 17.0 Inches © 2010
Alice, 2007 Ink, Watercolor 17 X 14 X .32 Inches © 2007
Clover Girl, 2009 Ink 17.0 X 14.0 Inches © 2009
Straw Into Gold, 2009 Ink 17 X 14 X .32 Inches © 2009
A Day at the Park, 2015 Ink 14 X 17 Inches © 2015
Aphrodite, July 2010 Ink 17 X 14 X .32 Inches © 2010
605 MURRAY CIRCLE, 2010 Ink 14 X 17 X .32 Inches © 2010
Horse In Snow, 2012 Ink On Vellum Pointillism 14 X 17 X .32 Inches © 2012
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drawing surrealism drawing mixed-media, pointillism realism figurative realism, figurative, surrealism
I remain a work in progress

 I am self taught , that is to say what ever talent I may have has come to me naturally,  I could always draw and paint, etc. but until about two years ago,  I really did nothing about it.  They say  " No man is an island". Well, then maybe I am a penninsula,  I feel at my very core that I am a truly creative soul and the fact that being so visual and abstract in my thinking has made being in a linear world a bit of a struggle for as long as I can remember and two defenses for this condition are my art and a sense of humor.  I have lived in California my whole life and mostly in Marin County (since about 1964-65) and anyone who knows the area can tell you that this area is not only a beautiful place to live in, as well as expensive, but is a creative nexus in our hemisphere with San Fransisco just the other side of the bridge and Sonoma county to the north.  I feel fortunate to be around such supportive and nurturing people and although I know they are there, I really don't personally know a lot of artists here and I would like to meet more of them, the real artists, the ones with something deeper say, you know who you are.  I could go on, but my point is, these works are just another slice of my mind and where It may go.  Each piece take about two months to complete and like the rest of my work, this is pointillism  and as with some of my pieces there is a watercolor wash on 14"x17" acid free, blah, blah,blah. Suffice it to say, I try to use the best materials and if you need to know more, then email me or something. I now am living in Colorado only because it has become impossible for me to continue in California with the high cost of living due to the influx of tech noobs moving into the area and squeezing middle class families like mine out.  I do hope this is not too much description.  Most sincerely, Michael Stanford