Rita Alaoui

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untitled, 2009 Acrylic And Mixed Media 150 Cm X 130 Cm
untited, 2009 Acrlic And Mixed Media 150 Cm X 130 Cm
Untitled, 2009 Acrlic And Mixed Media 150 Cm X 217 Cm
natutre, 2009 Acrlic And Mixed Media 74 Cm X 115 Cm
untitled, 2009 Acrylic And Ink 25 Cm X 25 Cm
Ice cream and flowers 1, 2008 Acrylic And Mixed Media 100 Cm X 100 Cm
ice cream and flowers 2, 2008 Acrylic And Mixed Media 100 Cm X 100 Cm
ice cream and flowers 3, 2008 Acrylic And Mixed Media 100 Cm X 100 Cm
ice cream and flowers 4, 2008 Acrylic And Mixed Media 100 Cm X 100 Cm
ice cream and flowers 5, 2008 Acrylic And Mixed Media 100 Cm X 100 Cm
cupcakes, 2009 Acrylic And Mixed Media 156 Cm X 86 Cm
la foret enchantée, 2009 Paper And String
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Rabat Morocco
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Parsons School of Design
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Gallery Shart Casablanca
installation, landscape

I was born in Rabat Morocco in 1972. I grew up looking at a lot of art and started painting at 16 years old. I always knew art would be part of my life and now realise how a priviledge it his to be an artist. Each piece is a representation of my own story and its evolution. I follow my impulses, trying to define what life is, could be. Life as it is created and as it grows. The vegetal and organic world are at the center of my research. Nature with a capital "N" is the enter point of my paintings. I am captivated by color found in nature. Travelling in Morrocan land is a big part of my inspiration : I look, take and store up all information on growing elements and reorganize it on my canvasas. I create my "virtual nature". Repetition and symetries, transparancies and opacities make the rythm of my paitnings. Although I dream of a tottaly epurated composition, I am pushed by too many voices and feelings that need to exist together uder the same space. I lived in New York city for 4 years, where I studied art and feel deeply conected to the American school. New York has given me the strength to extend my horizons and keep searching for beauty. Although life in big cities is extremely rich, I intend to get closer and closer to nature and the land, where I hope to install my studio in a near future. I constantly draw, conceive and dream of the perfect object in the perfect space.

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