Catherine Rogers

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untitled Oil 24x30 © Catherine Rogers
untitled 518x14 © Catherine Rogers
Oil 1424x24 © Catherine Rogers
1124x24 Oil © Catherine Rogers
untitled Oil © Catherine Rogers
Cups from the series The culture of the table , 2007 © Courtesy of the artist & The Art Gallery of New South Wales
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Key Largo, FL
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oil, nudes, tribal, Art, emerging, artist, basil, modern, traditional, cultural-center, exhibition/performance

One day I received a gift. It was like a door had opened to my journey of life ... A connectedness with others and things.

Each moment became more precious, and I had to paint.

I feel what to paint; I don’t consciously know what to paint. It just comes, and with it, a great joy of life.

People are what I enjoy painting and their connections with all things. It’s the different layers of life or the different realities we all have.

Yet, we all connect to each other and everything. That’s why transparency is becoming so important in my work. Connecting us to what we see, don’t see or imagine seeing.

Each model I have painted has become a friend.

We are part of each other’s lives forever.

I faintly recall a few memories which sparked the painting, but each has a much larger story which is sacred, and which cannot be revealed.

The paintings are an interpretation of your reality.

I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy it.

We’re all on a journey.