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Full Consideration as An Artist

Let’s take a quick break from finishing the “why paint” set of posts to talk about what I consider as an artist. Meaning, what I plan into my images so that it can be read, even unconsciously, by the viewer. The reason I really post this is a thought I had waking up this morning. The thought was centered around considering a life of mediocrity in my work. I’ve always been somewhat tormented by art, from the very beginning. I’m sure if you are an artist you know how it feels to create and... [more]
Posted by Matthew Adam on 6/15/10

Full consideration as An Artist (cont.)

Once the product of art is negated, well then threat of painting and art’s death due to greater methods of production is no longer a factor. The product is the artist. Let the first fire burn to ash and form a man. Let the stone wheel spin a child. Let aCampbell’s soup can pop open and spill out a tender moment in time that burns into memory. Not gonna happen. Painting – dead. Art – dead. Everything – done. These are the words that have been spouted, and now it appears in art all we have... [more]
Posted by Matthew Adam on 6/15/10

Why Oil?

Why Oil? Well, for now I tend to paint exclusively in oil or primarily in oil with a support of other materials to help develop the facets of a piece. Types of acrylic, use of gesso in a piece, fiberglass resins, marker, house paint, paper pieces, canvas pieces, varnish, myriad textural elements and just about anything else in my studio at the time. I’ve used all of these things, but oil paint remains the primary item for my work. Why? For one, it is capable of mimic of just about any other... [more]
Posted by Matthew Adam on 6/3/10