A. Laura Brody

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Driven, 2009 Electric Wheelchair, Upholstery, Machinery © Laura Brody
Prosthetic Super Heroine: Gadgets, 2013 Pencil 0" X 9" X 12" Inches © 2013
Staple Draping at Machine Project, 2010-2013 Repurposed Fabric, Staples, Scissors © 2010
Presque Pret a Porter, 2010 Fabric, Tape, Staples © 2010
Le Flaneur/ The SteamWalker, 2009, redesigned 2013 Mixed Reused Materials, Gps Unit, Compass 87" X 34" X 41" Inches © 2013
Driven, the Edwardian Cyborg Wheelchair, 2009, redesigned 2013 Reused Materials And Hardware, Electric Wheelchair Base 45" X 32" X 45" Inches © 2013
The Rocking Duck Boat, 2013 Reused Materials And Duck Decoys 55" X 42" X 55" Inches © 2013
Nebula Enthroned, 2014 Reused Materials, Manual Wheelchair Base 6' X 3' X 4' Feet © 2014
Nebula Enthroned (3/4 view), 2014 Reused Materials, Manual Wheelchair Base 6' X 3' X 4' Feet © 2014
Staple Draping at Schkapf, 2014
Firebird, 2014 Reused Materials, Batting And Salvaged Beads 44" X 44" X 40" Inches © 2014
Opulent Mobility logo © 2015
Le Flaneur, 2010, redesigned 2013 Aluminum Walkers And Repurposed Materials 34" W X 87" H X 41" D © Heidi Marie Photography
Opulent Mobility mailer, 2015 Print 8 1/2" X 11" © The Public Design Hub, CSUN
The Kali Walker, 2016 Repurposed Leather And Zippers In Progress © 2016
The Jazzy Peacock Scooter, 2015 Jazzy Scooter And Repurposed Materials 4' X 3' X 5' Feet © 2015
The Jazzy Peacock Scooter, 2015 Jazzy Scooter And Repurposed Materials 4' X 3' X 5' Feet © 2015
Quick Facts
Fairbanks, AK
Birth year
Lives in
Altadena, CA
Works in
Los Angeles
Scripps College, 1989, BFA
CalArts (California Institute of the Arts)
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wheelchair, repurposed sculpture, disability, performance figurative mixed-media, functional art sculpture, sculpture, conceptual, modern, exhibition/performance
A. Laura Brody

“We are all buried treasure.”

A. Laura Brody is a sculptor and creator for the human body and its vehicles. She creates re-used wearable art and mobility art through her company Dreams by Machine.

Her re-made mobility art (fancy wheelchairs and walkers) was shown in Dr. Grymm’s 1000 Steampunk Creations, the Steampunk Form and Function show, at Cannibal Flower and as part of her group show Opulent Mobility. The next Opulent Mobility is scheduled for September 2015 at Cal State Northridge. Pictures of the re*made mobility devices are available through her Etsy store.

She developed staple draping, a technique that uses scissors, staplers, staples and reused fabrics to create living sculptures. She's staple draped her way from LA Derby Doll events to the Summerset Festival in Baraboo, Wisconsin and even Wellington, New Zealand. Her live performance draping event, Presque Prêt a Porter, won the CSPA Sustainability award for the first Hollywood Fringe Festival. Check out staple draping as a performance at

Her first love was for costumes, and she's worked as a costume maker and designer for over 25 years. Maybe you've seen her patterning and tailoring work for designer Michael Schmidt on LMFAO at the Superbowl 46 halftime show or Fergie’s LEGO ensemble for the Kids Choice Awards. Or maybe you saw her specialty costume work on Kickin' It where she made walking mattresses and Mothra. Check out her blog or her DIY Instructables for patterning tips, philosophy of making and updates on new exhibits and events.