Alex Benedict

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Link and shift #1, 1/2010 Paper 6.5" X 6.7" © Alex Benedict
Link and shift #6, 1/2010 Paper 8.5" X 6.8" © Alex Benedict
Link and shift #35, 1/2010 Paper 8.5" X 6.5" © Alex Benedict
Intrusion, 2009 Canvas 36" X 23.5" © Alex Benedict
Swarm, 2009 Canvas 54" X 38" © Alex Benedict
Digital to white, 2009 Canvas 36" X 24"
Heavy surf, 2007 © Alex Benedict
Breaking wave, 2007 © Alex Benedict
Oystercatchers, 2008 © Alex Benedict
Curl, 2008 © Alex Benedict
Storm beach, 2009 © Alex Benedict
Perspective #1, 2011 Archival Print 17" X 21" © Copyright 2011 Alex Benedict
Perspective #1, 2011 Archival Print 17" X 21" © Copy right 2011 Alex Benedict
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digital-print, monoprint, landscape, photography

Artist Statement

My work is an expression of my amazement at the world that I am privileged to observe. I am fascinated with processes of transformation. I use the juxtaposition of scale, form, and color as an abstraction of the transformations I see in the world of objects and emotion. These provide the spark that ignites my curiosity, and is a point of entry into my creative endeavors.

My images often start with something I see. I look for an underlying geometry, and what distinguishes an object from its surroundings. A breaking wave on a beach, for example, can be described mathematically as a line of cylinders rolling along beneath the surface of the sea. Other features– weight of the sea foam,  texture where wind ruffles a surface, the color of the sky, can suggest further manipulation of an initial abstract form.

I am drawn to the tools and materials of digital media, for they allow me to explore ideas and produce work that can be realized in no other way. I use computers as a way of making a sketch, typically engaging with some combination of software compiler, graphics programs, or input from a digital camera. I write small computer programs to create graphic elements and then experiment with ways of combining the images. This workspace enables me to explore perception at many different scales simultaneously. I can draw a dot that is smaller than 1/1000 of an inch in diameter, and then combine dots to create lines of particular qualities. I can create thousands of lines so that they appear as a texture and give shape to different forms.

My attraction to this way of creating art is a natural extension of my early interest and training in mathematics, and my subsequent experience as a software developer. For me, mathematics is a language for expressing the juxtaposition of ideas which is central to my process and my work.

I view digital art as a particular kind of extended collaboration. I am in collaboration with the mostly anonymous developers of the software programs I have chosen to use, who have expressed their ideas about what a computer should do. And, like all art, the framework within which I express my ideas gives viewers the space to bring their own history to their perception of my images.

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