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Red is the New Black

So is Red the New Black or is Black the New Black?…. I shot with Paulene Rose who wore some amazing wardrobe by designer Tressa Williams of Fierce Couture Latex. I’m really stoked about the results and have to thank Miss Paulene again for shooting super early so we could beat the July heat!! Model: Paulene Rose MUA/Hair: Nikki Lipstick Wardrobe: Fierce Couture Location: Murrieta, California (United States) [more]
Posted by Bryan Barnes on 8/6/09

Liquid Latex

So this past weekend Miss Natalie Rose and I traveled up Coast Highway to beautiful Newport Beach, California for a little liquid latex photo shoot fun. When Ego Assassin supplied us with a gorgeous wave print outfit for her to wear, I wanted to tie in the wardrobe somehow with the setting location.</span>Much of my work and style calls for bi-polar contrasts with blacks and whites. I thought at first to shoot against a white grimy self-serve car wash tile wall. Believe it or not at 9... [more]
Posted by Bryan Barnes on 4/10/09

Fierce Fashion Exhibit

“Fierce Fashion” Exhibit Dates: Jan 16th Thru Feb. 22nd, 2009 A Theme Show Very Loosely Based On Fashion, Persona, Clothes & Attire Fierce Artists Exhibiting: Bryan Barnes, Marie Barr, Bill Brewer, Slimm Buick, Sara Christian, Elizabeth Dante, Jenny Dayton, Patrick Deignan, Steven J.Gelberg, Edmund Grant, Louis Hansell, Dion Hitchings, Kerry Kate, Josh Lawyer, Edith Lebeau, Mike Maas, Daniel Malone, Polly Mania, Dean McDowell, Fletcher Oakes, Arabella Proffer, Janna Stern, Eric Trimble,... [more]
Posted by Bryan Barnes on 1/10/09