Robert Dampier

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Lucky & Unhappy, 2004 Mixed Media 38"W X 71"H X 4.5"D © 2004
Self Portait, 2003 Mixed Media 14.5"W X 18.5"H X 4.5"D © 2003
Nephilium, 2004 Mixed Media 25"W X 27"H © 2004
Untitled (Hands), 2002 Mixed Media 14.5"W X 8.5"H X 8.5"D © 2002
The Fuel that Feeds Us, 2004 Mixed Media 9.5"W X 20"H X 6.5"D © 2004
Ammunition Box #3, 2002 Mixed Media 9.5"W X 15"H X 9"D © 2002
Saint Someone, 2010 Mixed Media 21.5"W X 31"H X 10.5"D © 2010
Quick Facts

The box for me is a place where my imagination can find a place of permanence and preservation. Dreams have always been an inspiration and influence in my work. Mainly because of what they try to tell us and the insight into the subconscious that they reveal to the dreamer if they so choose to see it. The box can represent many different things; as they are places of storage to keep the things we cherish safe from the outside world, and to protect and preserve. They also give us a sense of area and space focusing our attention to a specific set of boundaries defined by their shape and size. Our homes and living spaces are all forms of boxes put together to form our specific living environment. In my boxes I’ve tried to recreate the images and feelings that my brain has created in the unconscious hours of sleep. Found objects are an essential part of this process, mainly because of the unique nature and history that discarded and forgotten pieces of trash and junk have. Each individual piece has a long and untold story. From the time each piece was new and untouched through its journey from hand to hand, each piece of forgotten refuse has a life much like our own.   Found objects have offered me a chance to reflect on the journey we must all take through this life, purpose and meaning and then to forgotten and discarded. But there is still always a new life to be lived and this is where I find the inspiration for my work. I try and give forgotten and discarded objects new life inside my work, a chance to tell their story.