Grant Mudford

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The Book Shop: Ruth Greene at Rosamund Felsen Gallery  
Ruth Greene, Nancy Jackson, Tom Knechtel, Jean Lowe, Grant Mudford, Cindy Tower, C.K. Wilde at Rosamund Felsen Gallery July 13th, 2013 - August 10th, 2013
Posted 7/24/13
The so-called books by Los Angeles artist Ruth Greene now on view at Rosamund Felsen Gallery seem like they must be from the collection of an eccentric yet erudite bibliophile. The nearly 100 square plywood panels each have an ethereal wash of white or pale paint with a title handwritten across in black ink—sometimes several drafts have been conspicuously smeared out and revised. Several series or topics recur, such as a group of books authored by illustrious crows, and a persistent theme of... [more]
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