Laura Fantini

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A Little of You Colored Pencil on Cardboard 25x25 In. © Laura Fantini
Memories Colored Pencil on Cardboard 20x27 In. © Laura Fantini
Wedding Rose Colored Pencil on Cardboard 20x27 In. © Laura Fantini
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Bologna, Italy
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New York - Bologna
Representing galleries
Object Image Gallery, NY
realism, figurative

My flowers, seeds, or leaves are more than mere objects. Their tension, rigour and almost perfect visualization take shape on a symbolic background. My artworks do not only represent the reality of the “still life objects” I paint, but also the unique and intimate interpretation of human feelings that become a timeless representation of universal sentiments.

My art practice is color pencils on cardboard. Pencils are my paint and cardboard is my canvas. As a predominant medium, color pencils allow me to be exasperatingly precise. At first glance, my smooth strokes create an almost photographic effect. However, a closer look reveals even more intricate and minute detail than photography. From thousands upon thousands of precise, distinct, cross-hatched pencil-strokes, I build up rich tones. My precise technique allows me to develop a deep and intimate relationship with my subjects and with the actual surface of the artwork. I grab every detail of the subject I paint and project it into my “still life objects” with an exasperated precision. An attentive eye can notice that this relationship – similar to the one that exists between the sculptor’s hands and the clay being sculpted – could not reach comparable hyper-realistic results by using other mediums.