Robert Brennan

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Virgin Landscape, 1991 Shaped Canvas Wood,Acrylic Paint 48 X 96 X 7 Inches © 8/13/09
Virgin Landscape,angle ,detail view, 1991 Mixed ,Shaped Canvas 48 X 96 In.
Variations, 2010 Shaped Canvas,Mixed 72 X 48 In
Search for Language, 2007 Shaped Canvas,Mixed 30 X 33 In.
Artifice, 2015 Shaped Canvas,Mixed 37 X 82 In. © 08/13/09
Passage, 2012 Shaped Canvas,Mixed 48 X 36 In. © 08/13/09
The Dance, 2007 Shaped Canvas,Mixed 72 X 108 X 8 Inches © 08/13/09
Reflection Shaped Canvas,Mixed 46 X 40 © 08/13/09
Homage to Lillian Shaped Canvas,Mixed 33 X 33 © 08/13/09
Plus, 2012 Mixed ,Shaped Canvas 37 X 37
Eulogy Two, 2015-2016 Mixed Media,Robe ,Stretched Canvas ,Oil Paint 72 In. X 36 In. X 4 5 Inches © 2016
Light in the Window, 2015-16 Mixed Media, ,Oil Paint,Sand, Wood ,Canvas 48 X 36 X 2.5 Inches
Eulogy , 2015-2016 Mixed Media, ,Oil Paint,Sand, Wood ,Canvas 62 X 36 X 4 Inches © 2016
Untitled, 2016 Mixed Media: Acrylic Paint,Sand, Wood ,Canvas 36 X 36 X 4 Inches © 2016
Untitled,side view
Dark Rhythm, 2016 Shaped Canvas,Acrylic Paint, Egg Cartons 36x36 Inches © Nov 9,2016
Blue Squared, 2016 Shaped Canvas,Acrylic Paint 35 X35 Inches © Nov 9,2016
Blue Squared,angle view
Dialogue, 2016 Shaped Canvas,Acrylic Paint, 36x36 Inches © Nov 10,2016
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New Haven Ct. USA
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Lives in
Easton, Ct. USA
Works in
Easton Ct, USA
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North Park Art Studio
shaped, canvas, constructions, sculpture, mixed-media, conceptual, modern


When Robert Brennan won first prize in the prestigious Art of the Northeast USA Exhibit at the Silvermine Guild, juror Charlotta Kotic, curator of contemporary art at the Brooklyn Museum, called his work “a very original piece in structure and . . . ability to work in one color.  The use of different raised surfaces and the shaping of the canvas, which creates shadows, makes this a very dramatic and expressive piece.

Brennan describes his shaped canvas constructions as a search for resolution between the organic and the geometric.  There is a sense of peace and tension, the softness and flow of a curve and the structural bones of a skeleton trying to poke its way through the outer skin.  He states: “I have also explored shaped pieces that employ color; however, it is through the stark white works that I ultimately push the edge of painting toward relief and sculpture and, more importantly, toward the rich dialogue between white and black that is possible when light brings the forms to life.

When the construction begins, there can only be approximate expressive goals.  The impetus for an idea begins with a feeling.  Explorations of forms, lines, and shapes through sketches help to solidify the direction that the work will take.  Even as construction begins, there can only be approximate expressive goals.  As I begin to build, the forms do more than to satisfy the specifications of a sketch or plan; they begin to resonate and to suggest the next step.

The shaped canvas pieces push the edge of painting toward relief and sculpture.  Whereas I have always seen my work as paintings, these works challenge that assumption.  Such labeling is irrelevant if I intend to follow my own inclinations.  Although most of the current works are in white, some are explorations in color.   However, in all cases, it is the light that activates and articulates the forms.

Brennan’s work can be seen on Art Slant and by appointment at his studio in Easton, CT.   



BA Southern Connecticut State University

MA Columbia University Teachers College

Advanced Study Columbia TC Doctoral Program (Painting and Printmaking)

Professional Experience:

Professor of Fine Arts

Coordinator of Art Department K-12, Darien, CT

Painting Instructor, Silvermine School of Art, Norwalk, CT

Commission Artist


Solo Exhibit, Good News Café and Gallery, Woodbury, Ct. 2009

Solo Exhibit, The New Art Center, New York City, 2008 (selected by Barbara McAdam, Deputy Editor of Art News Magazine, for an exhibition grant for the solo exhibit)

Viridian Artists 18th Annual Juried Exhibit, 2007

Contemporary Artists Network Annual Exhibit, New York City 2006,2007

Distinguished Alumni Exhibit, Southern Connecticut State University

Connecticut Painters and Sculptors Annual

Art of the Northeast USA, Silvermine Guild of Art