Ville Kansanen

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Los Angeles & Espoo, Finland, EU
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The way this is reflected on my work is through the Sisyphean nature of human toil and an uncertain spiritual journey that is primarily represented by what I call "the prototype man", whom I portray as a bald unmarked nude man;  a role that I assume for myself in the photography. It is in this way that I create self-portraiture without the pursuit of promoting or portraying anything about my own personality per se but with an ambition to communicate with a larger abstract concept. I try to participate in my work with a performance aspect and I often endure various physical obstacles when I am taking photographs of myself. Technically I am interested in creating more than straight photography with various digital techniques and also with more traditional approaches. Rarely do I point-and-shoot, so to speak; but I construct and I try to maintain a sense of craft in my work even when it is digital photography.