James Vogel

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Dharmakaya, 2014 Pastel On Paper 34wx18h" © jvogelart
Chair, 2010 Mixed 21hx25w" © James Vogel
ADA, 1983 Mixed Enamel Paint On Masonite/Plexiglass 42hx56wx8d" © jvogelart
Broken Surface, 1982 Mixed 60wx48x12 © jvogelart
Sun Study #1, 2011 Chalk And Charcoal On Paper 36" X 36" © jvogel
Formal Fire, 2010 Straw 28hx38wx3d" © james vogel
OK, 2012 Drawing 36" X 36" © jvogelart
Mayan Sun, 2011 Mixed 26hx29w" © James Vogel
Best Ideas , 2011 Drawing, Chalk And Charcoal On Paper 32wx32h" © James Vogel
Conscious/Unconcious, 2012 Mixed, Paint Poured Through Formed Straw 80wx32h' © James Vogel
Fixed Ball, 2012 Mixed 40x40x40" © jvogelart
Back-Yard Solar System, 2011 Mixed Installation 10x8' © James Vogel
Back Yard Solar System, 2012 Video Installation 50w15h' © James Vogel
Inner Space 2, 2012 Installation 40wx8h' © jvogelart
Back Yard Solar System, 2012 Video Installtion Variable © James Vogel
GeeX, 2013 Laminated Wood 60wx32h5d" © jvogel
BYSS Discovered, 2012 New Media © jvogelart
Escape Attempt, 2013 Mixed 52hx66lx38w" © jvogel
AIAL, 1982 Billboard 10hx30w' © jvogelart
Art Is A Lie, 1982 Out Door Advertisement 10hx30w' © James Vogel
Gray Work, 2013 Laminated Wood, Shredded Currency 48hx29w" © jvogel
Compost, 1981 Oil On Panel 28hx34wx6d" © jvogel
evoriver, 4/20 Video Installation Variable © jvogelart
Downtown Electrons (video still), 5/14 Video Installation 22wx12h' © jvogelart
Sand Cheetah, 09/01/2014 Beach Sand 9x5' © jvogelart
What They Didn't Talk About, October 2012 Photo © jvogelart
Trust?, 2014 Mixed Photo Collage 32hx26w" © jvogelart
Emergent Woman, 2012 Mixed Straw 24hx16w" © jvogelart
The Annunciation, 2015 Mixed Painted Straw 32hx24w" © jvogelart
Venetian Shadows, 2015 Mixed 25hx24wx4h" © jvogel
Coil, 2015 Paint Saturated Straw 22x22x6" © jvoge
Niteand Day 2, 2017 Assemblage Digital Manipulation 25wx19h" © jvogel
NiteandDay 3, 2017 Manipulated Digital Image 62wx49h" © jvogel
Saskatchewan, 2016
Art & The Birth of Culture, 2015
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New Jersey
Lives in
Petaluma, CA
Works in
Petaluma, CA
Tufts University Medford, MA, 1973, BFA
Boston University
University of California Berkeley, 1983, MA
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formalist pop performance drawing figurative, environmental-art mixed-media performance drawing realism painting abstract sculpture, exhibition/performance


entry 4

Acting upon the realization that the power or relevance of a vision is subject to expectations/limitations of the viewer; I am compelled to validate my vision in a variety of forms. The original installation was created in my Northern California backyard. Backyard Solar System was created amid the trunks and limbs of the resident oak trees. In addition to exhibiting the substantial elements and artifacts in gallery venues, I have virtually demonstrated alternate aspects of this work in performance pieces on my Blog Travels With Vanny:

My future work will continue an exploration of installation and rendition. I plan to expand and refine the studio versions of the my "street" presentations. I am currently working to interface projected image, site and observer by exploiting reflective elements in the exhibition environment. In this work the proximity of the observer affects the surface of the image.

In practice I have an abiding interest in the formal aspect of surface in Painting.  This preoccupation has lead me to thoroughly consider the substance of paint and the surface on which it lies.
In process I deconstruct, disassemble and destroy to discover the elementary of the objects I build as art.  
Currently I am exploring the properties of adhesionand color in paint.  Color is regularly considered in paintings.  In my work the adhesive nature of paint is featured.   In these pieces I have packed straw into forms and then poured paint though the packed forms.  The adhesive quality of the paint holds the straw in the shape of the form and color is deposited as a by- product. 

Entry 2

The best way to talk about Painting is with Sculpture.  I have found the “3Dification” of the formal  two dimensional process known as Painting has been a  is a rich vein of inspiration for me .  

Entry 1

I can best describe my work as a two part process.  One part is more active; one part more passive.
The active part of my work is to find opportunity for meaningful artistic expression. At present the by-products of human life are before us at every step.  Recycled materials are often an inspiration but, more profoundly, I find my work in recycling, reinterpreting  ideas and images. Currently, I am working with two familiar symbols - the "dollar sign" and the " G cleft" symbol.  I am neither a Banker nor a Musician but the Formalist in me has found fertile grounds in the symbols they work with.  I have chosen these symbols for their ubiquitous presence and visual resonance.  When reversed and positioned in close proximity, the resulting compiled image has a figurative element I find satisfying. The second part of my work is, to not become attached to the results of my efforts.  Ultimately, we must find as much fulfillment in the process of making art as in the finished product. It is usually the results we don't anticipate at the origins that make for the best piece in the end.

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Museum of Fine Arts School, Boston, MA 1972-76
Tufts University, Medford, MA: B.FA. 1976
U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA: M.A. 1983




1976-Present: James Vogel; Artist.
Owner: Westside Builders in Petaluma,CA. Combined building
practices and reclaimed materials to create artwork.


1981       Exhibitor at Triton Museum of Art - Santa Clara, CA

1982       Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco  one-man show 'Entropy'

1982       Grant for  "Picasso" billboard in coordination with Gannett Outdoors and  the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

1982        Exhibitor Richmond Art Center;  juror, curator Whitney Museum, N.Y.C.
1983        Lawson Gallery, San Francisco " Sculpture Exhibition "

1983         Walnut Creek Civic Arts Center  " Symbols and Surfaces "

1991-2009  Various building projects specializing in the preservation and restoration of Victorian houses
2007  Copperfield's Book Store Petaluma, CA  Exhibition in books and works: "Formal Innovation in Painting from Lascaux to New York"   

September ' 08  AZ Gallery, St. Paul MN  “ Portrait of America Exhibition”

October ' 08     California Modern Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA  juried exhibition

March ' 09,  Exhibitor, ' Continuum Show'   George Segal Gallery, Montclair State University,Montclair, N.J. Juror, Paterson Sims

September ' 09,  Exhibitor,  ' Salvage Show ' , juror, Linda Cunningham, HONORABLE MENTION   Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

October ' 09,  Exhibitor, 'Dualities Show',  juror, Claudia Chapline. Sebastopol Center for the Arts
Sebastopol, CA

November ' 09, Exhibitor, 'Naples Art Association Founders Awards', juror, Daniel Stetson. Naples FL
November '10, Exhibitor, Coos Art Museum, juried show, Coos Bay Oregon

March '10  Sebastopol Art Center, “Still Life”, juror, Chester Arnold  BEST IN SHOW

June '10  Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, NB on-line juried show SPECIAL RECOGNITION

July,Oct,Dec '10,Feb'11 , Art Slant on-line gallery  mixed media SHOWCASE WINNER

March '11 Baker Art Center 13th National , Pershing, KA  Lawrence Bradshaw juror

April '11 Sebastopol Art Center, “Abstract”, juror, Jeremy Morgan,

July ' 11 Petaluma Art Center "Fire and Ice" juried show

July ' 11 California State Fair, Sacramento, CA  Honorable Mention,  

August '11 Tallahassee  26th International Exhibition, Tallahassee, FL

February '12  "Music" Flow Space, Minneapolis,MN

March '12  "Wide Open", Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, juror: Charlotta Kotik

March '12  Falkirk Annual Jurried Show, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafeal, CA

June   '12  Solo Show ,  Hammerfriar Gallery, Healdsburg, CA

June - September '12,  Collaborative events with the Petaluma Arts Comission

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