Debra Haden

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For some, it is no secret that Feminine Oddities "artistic tour de force" Debra Haden has a fascination with sci-fi, quantum physics, spirituality, and solar flares.  So much so, that her recent art-work and mission statement tells such a tale of solar flares, evolving consciousness, and 2012 Mayan prophecies.  The primary objective of these new works is to explain the existence of these mysterous creatures the "Feminine Oddities" and how they are born.  Haden declares: "Feminine Oddities ARE... [more]
Posted by Debra Haden on 5/20/12

Iodine and Ink Twins

In response to the potassium iodide rush that happened in California (and now the rest of the United States), due to the fear of nuclear fallout from the earthquake that damaged the nuclear reactors in Japan, Debra Haden introduces "Iodine and Ink Twins".  "It amazes me how something most people had never heard of can become so sought after and expensive over night due to people's fears." said Haden.  These paintings are on watercolor paper with a povidone iodine wash for the background, and... [more]
Posted by Debra Haden on 3/25/11