There are different options for arts professionals on ArtSlant-- Professional Profiles, Art Resources and Venue listings. Here are hints to find out which is best for you.


Everyone is welcome to create a Profile on ArtSlant, whether you're an artist, curator, writer, arts professional or art organization, even just an art-lover. We recommend that you start a Profile page for yourself, even if you also have an Arts Resource page or Venue as well.

Hints on how to create a Professional Profile and more information on Profiles for writers, curators and arts organizations.


Do you operate a business that offers supplies or services for artists or galleries? Do you have a physical storefront or a working website where artists and galleries can contact you and shop for supplies or contract your services?  Are you in publishing, PR or marketing for art?  Do you operate art auctions? Do you represent a stable of artists but don't have a physical gallery space?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should create an Art Resource page.

ArtSlant's Art Resources listings are designed for all arts related businesses and can be browsed city-to-city and recommended by our users.  Using the ArtResource Network you can recommend and share your preferred suppliers and services with the arts community.  Art supplies, shipping and storage services, legal and insurance services, PR and marketing, consultants and appraisers, designers, framers and photographers--we encourage you to create or claim your Art Resource page.  Art Resources pages can be customized to include a slideshow, quick facts for basic information, Google map and description.

Hints on how to create a successful Art Resources page.

If you are an individual artist, and don't run an art-related business or offer specific services to other artists, opening an Art Resources page might not be the best option for you. Try focusing your work in your Professional Profile instead.


Do you own or operate a gallery, represent an art museum, or run an alternative art space? Does your gallery or art space regularly exhibit art shows? If yes, you are welcome to open a Venue page on Artslant for free. Venue pages include a display page with your basic information and location, an unlimited slideshow, a networked archive of your exhibits and events, Google map capabilities, and the ability to add your exhibitions & events to our Calendar.

Hints on how to create a successful Venue Display.

The Basic Free Membership for Venues is available to all galleries, museums, and alternative art spaces that are open to the public (note: ArtSlant Terms & Conditions apply).
Each Venue must have a physical location, address, and be open to the public.
ArtSlant does not accept online galleries or private residences in our venue listings. For this kind of coverage, please open an individual ArtSlant Profile.

If you are an artist and would like an online "Gallery" of your work, the best place to show your work is in the unlimited slideshow offered on your Profile. Best of all, your Profile is searchable in all Artslant Cities, whereas Venues are city-specific. How to open a Profile.

If you are an arts professional or run an art-related business, your listing might be better suited to either a Professional Profile or Art Resource page.  See above for more info, and here on how to open an Art Resource Page.

>A Special Request:
Please do not add a Venue to our listings that is an online gallery or private residence or studio (some exceptions may apply). Any Venue listing that does not comply with these requirements may be removed by ArtSlant at any time.