Our information is incorrect on ArtSlant. How do I change it?

Go to your Venue Display and look for the CHANGE THIS VENUE box on the right.  It has all of the links for adding and editing venue content. You can only see the CHANGE box if you are logged in. If you are trying to change a venue that is yours but has yet to be claimed, click >this is my venue.

Click on >edit this venue to edit information such as your address, neighborhood, website link, contact information, open hours, description, the first image for your slideshow, tags, and represented artists.

How do I add images to my venue listing?

  1. To add images to your Venue, just click on >add and edit images in the CHANGE box on the right side of your Venue Display. 
  2. An add box will appear at the bottom of the display that allows you to create an unlimited slideshow. 
  3. Click on >click to add new image, then browse your hard drive for the desired file. 
  4. Be sure that your images are in either jpg, gif, or png format. Be sure to add the artist's name, caption information and tags so the image will appear on the artist's Profile and in our ARTshow!

How do I add exhibits to my venue page?

  1. To Add Content in ArtSlant, you must be a registered member.
  2. If you have claimed your gallery display, go to your Venue page and click on >add exhibit/event in the CHANGE box on the right side of your Venue Display.
  3. The Add an Exhibit or Event form will open - complete information as required.

See HINTS for adding images and events to your Venue Display below!

What if I make a mistake while posting an event or exhibitions?

All exhibitions will immediately post on ArtSlant.

 If you make a mistake, click on >edit this event in the CHANGE THIS EVENT box on the right side of the exhibition or event listing to correct it. To delete the entire entry, click on >remove this event.

How do I remove my venue?

You can remove your venue by clicking on >remove venue in your CHANGE box.  You cannot undelete it after you have removed the Venue.  If you are trying to remove a duplicate venue listing this may not be necessary--just contact us at and we can merge duplicate venues to preserve exhibition info and images.

Note: You cannot remove a venue that has exhibits attached to it.  If your gallery has closed or is no longer in operation, please contact us at and we can take your Venue out of our listings while preserving the exhibition information on our artists' Profiles.


HINTS: Using the Add Data Form for Entering Data

Click on >add an exhibit/event in your CHANGE box on the right side of your Venue Display

  1. Title: Enter the title of the exhibit. If there is no title, use the artist's name as the title, or something like Group Show.
  2. Artist(s):  Enter artist names in regular text. Watch the drop down to see if the artists are already in our system. With more than one artist, put commas between names.  Do not use "and, with, in collaboration with, etc."  In the case of a team, use an & - e.g. Gilbert & George.  You may enter up to 25 artist names.
  3. Ditto with curator(s).
  4. Your venue name will load automatically.
  5. If you are entering a new Venue, you will be prompted to create the listing for it. PLEASE fill out the address and contact info. If the venue does not have an address, it will be removed from our system.
  6. Event Type - Choose Ongoing Exhibit (2 or more days) or Event (1 day only)
  7. Dates:  Choose from calendar.
  8. Hours: select if it is a one-day event.  Otherwise, leave it blank.
  9. Opening: Fix date and times. If no opening, click on "remove this opening."
  10. Description Text: Paste in press release for show or a short description. You may embed images into text box using the icons on the box menu bar.
  11. Cost:  Skip unless there is a specific fee.
  12. Tags: Select only appropriate tags.
  13. Image:  Browse for an image.  We only accept jpg, gif, or png files. Images in exhibition listings create higher visibility within the website. Complete the caption information as noted. It is very important to be accurate when listing the information on images.

You can only see the CHANGE box if you are logged in, and if you've created or claimed the Venue.