The ArtSlant contemporary art network is designed to connect and archive the professional activities of artists. This network provides an historical database for current and future reference for galleries, museums, artists, curators, and other arts professionals, as well as collectors and buyers.

I found my gallery and exhibits listed in ArtSlant already.  How did it get there?

Whenever a gallery, museum, curator, artist, or other individual enters an exhibit into the ArtSlant system, there is a record created that links the relevant artist(s), venue(s), and event(s). This creation of a searchable database has been developed with the arts community in mind.

Through this feature, each artist and venue receives an ArtSlant Profile page which is searchable by Google and other search engines. The Venue page has archived the exhibition data and links all three together.

Your Venue page may have been created by an artist who added his or her exhibition info into our Calendar or by the Artslant Team to enhance our gallery listings. We encourage you to register on Artslant and claim your Venue page to customize it and ensure that all information on the page is correct and up-to-date.

How to claim your Venue

You may already be in ArtSlant as many of the important galleries and museums are entered into our database through exhibition information. You can claim your exisiting display and receive full editing privileges by Registering on ArtSlant and proceeding as follows:

  1. Make sure you are in the correct ArtSlant city! Use our city bar at the very top of our site to switch locations.
  2. Go to our meta seach at the top of our Vertical Scroll on the right. Type in your venue name and search. HINT: your name may be under a slight variation.
  3. You can also search for your venue under our A-Z listings in GALLERIES under >all venues, (note that only Key Venues are listed, click on >click to show all venues to see all).
  4. If you find your venue, open your page and claim it.
  5. Claim your existing display by clicking the >click here to claim this venue page link, which is on the lower lefthand side of the venue listing or the >this is my venue link in the right sidebar. Send us your User ID and we will provide you with editing rights.
  6. If you find more than one venue display for your space, please notify us at