FAQ - Profiles for writers, curators, and arts organizations

I am an arts writer or critic. Should I start an ArtSlant Profile?

Absolutely! Every review you write on ArtSlant will link directly to your Profile--a great way to archive your articles and keep a portfolio. If you don't have a Profile, your User Name will appear as the author of your reviews, but won't link to anything. It's a great idea to have a Profile so readers can browse your other articles and check out your blog.

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I am a curator and I have an ArtSlant Profile. How do I get my exhibitions to link to my Profile?

If your name is listed as the curator on an exhibition listed on ArtSlant, it will automatically link to your Profile. Please first check the Venues to see if any of your shows were previously entered but your name wasn't added as curator. Just send us the list at, and we will add your name.

If the shows were not entered into ArtSlant, then go to your Profile page and click on >add an exhibit/event in the MANAGE MY PROFILE box on the right side of the screen. 

Leave out titles in the curator field, such as Director, Co-Curator, Associate. Be sure your name is listed in the curator field exactly as it is spelled on your Profile, otherwise it won't link up. For example, if the name on your Profile reads Sarah Smith, but you're listed on the exhibition as Art Director - Sarah Smith, it won't link correctly.  

Likewise, if you've co-curated an exhibition, be sure your names are separated with commas only. For example, if your names are listed as Sarah Smith & Bob Jones, instead of Sarah Smith, Bob Jones, the exhibition won't link to either profile.

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My arts organization has an ArtSlant Profile. How do we use it to promote our events and services?

If your arts organization is listed as affiliated with an exhibition it will link up automaticaly to your organization's profile. Be sure the spelling on the exhibition is the same as what appears on your organization's Profile page.

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