FAQ - What's the difference between My Page and My Profile?

Your My Page account hub and your ArtSlant Profile are independent of each other. For instance, you can have an account by registering on ArtSlant, but not have a Profile.  Or you can have a Profile but not have an account yet (for more information on claiming a Profile you didn't create click here).

My Page - your Account

You create an ArtSlant account when you register on ArtSlant for free.  As soon as you are registered, and have verified your registration, your My Page link will appear on our main menu next to Home.  With a My Page account you have a unique User ID to log in to ArtSlant allowing you to:

  1. Add Content - Venues, Profiles, exhibits, reviews, blogs, jobs or announcements, comments, resources, groups.
  2. Create Mylists
  3. Create a Watchlist
  4. Develop an advertising program
  5. Join the ArtSlant Prize competition
  6. Apply to the Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency in Paris
  7. Become a seller in our SalesRoom and manage your inventory
  8. Access and oversee all subscription payments for our special programs
  9. Sign up for and receive our weekly newsletters and Special Editions. 

Your My Page account is free and secure--no one can view your account page. You have a full control panel on the left column of your My Page. Learn more about the My Page here.

My Profile - your Image

Your Profile on the other hand is a public page where you can share information about yourself or your arts business, have an image slideshow for your work or your artists' work if you are a gallery, archive and present your exhibitions.  Any registered user can have a Profile as part of the ArtSlant basic, free membership - just select the correct category for your particular slant (artist, curator, writer, arts professional, art lover, arts org).  Or open your profile as a gallery, museum, arts resource or arts related business.

Click here to find out how to add your Profile and to get hints on how to make a successful Profile.

You may have found that an Artist or Curator Profile for you is already on ArtSlant because your name was listed by a gallery or another artist, or that your gallery or resource page has already been created.  You must have an ArtSlant account in order to claim and edit your Profile.  Register and claim your Profile to customize it and to take control over your Image in the global contemporary arts network!