FAQ – Editing Images

Editing images

To edit the images in your slideshow, just click on edit profile in the MANAGE box or go to your Account.

Go to the Artwork tab and use the pencil icons to edit, replace or remove images. 


How do I change my slideshow order?

Drag and Drop images to change image order.

NOTE: For Standard or Professional Profile subscriptions, your image order can be changed in each Colleciton you create.  And the order that the Collections appear can be rearranged as well.  Just use the Drag and Drop function to do so.


Image captions

Proper image captions are as follows:


Name - enter the title of the piece.

Date - enter the year the piece was made.

Medium - enter the medium used to create the original work of art, such as "oil on canvas", "bronze sculpture", or "mixed-media", etc.

(NOTE: do not enter archival print or prints of originals)

Dimensions -  indicate inches or centimeters.  If no fixed dimensions, indicate "dimensions variable"

Image Copyright - This field can contain the artist's name, the gallery name, the museum or foundation name... and/or photo credits.


Image tabs

Tags allow your image to appear in our Art page and properly categorize your artwork.  You can choose from our Suggested Tags or type in your own.



Removing images

To remove images in your slideshow, just click on the pencil icon to edit or delete your images.

For Standard or Professional Profile subscriptions, remove images from Collections by clicking on the delete icon.

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