FAQ – Adding a Slideshow

Adding a slideshow to your Artist Profile

Basic ArtSlant Profiles are allowed 60 images in their slideshow.

Standard & Portfolio Profile Subscriptions allow for more images and collections.

We don't have photo editing tools in our site. You need to prepare your images in your computer before uploading them in the site. Images can be upto 25MB. Our system only supports jpg, png and gif files. In the "Description" section of your image you can add links, and more images.

To create a slideshow in your artist Profile, click on edit profile. Then go to the Artwork tab and click inside the dotted box at the top to upload new images.

See video tutorials below.


Add Artworks in Standard and Portfolio Profile Subscriptions:

Add Artworks from ArtSlant on Vimeo.


Add a Collection in Standard and Portfolio Profile Subscriptions:

Add a Collection from ArtSlant on Vimeo.


Adding a slideshow to your exhibition or venue display 

To add images to your Venue listing or an exhibition display, just click on add and edit images in the CHANGE box on the right side of the display. 

An add box will appear that allows you to create your slideshow.

If you want to edit or remove one of the images you added, simply click on add and edit images, go into the listing of your slideshow images, and click on "edit" or "remove" across from the image you want to change.

Image captions

When adding an image, a dialog box will appear in which you are asked to complete the caption information for your work. Be sure to complete each field as accurately as possible. It's important to include information in each section as this will increase your optimization both within the ArtSlant system as well as in Google image searches.

large: Use descriptors such as Oil on canvas; Acrylic and ink on paper; Collage on board; Digital art based on photograph; Silkscreen on archival paper...etc.

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The website will be permanently closed shortly, so please retrieve any content you wish to save.