FAQ - Finding Exhibits in Calendar

ArtSlant is THE source for contemporary art events on the web. We provide a local and in-depth calendar on a city-by-city basis for exhibits, openings and art events.

Add your own exhibit or event and it will appear immediately in our Calendar.

Calendar Menu Dropdown

If you click on Calendar from our main menu, you are defaulted to Openings & Exhibits for Key Venues.

Toggle to All venues by using the links at the top of listings.

Filtering Exhibits in Calendar

Calendar listings can be reviewed as served up, or customized through our Refine or Tag Cloud sorthing features.

Refine Box - found on the left side of Calendar listings.
Keyword search - type in words to sort the list.
Neighborhood - search for events in specific areas using the dropdown.
Venues - search for events by Galleries, Museums, Alternative, All.
Dates - search for events by selecting specific dates.

Tag Cloud - found at the top of Calendar listings. Clilck on any word and find events tagged with that description. Larger words have more events.

Clear Search - to remove a sort filter, click on [clear] at the top of the list.

Searching for Events by Artist

To find an exhibition by artist name, there are several options:

Go to Calendar/Exhibits:  
Go to Refine box on the left.
Type in the artist's last name in the keyword search.

Find venue under GALLERIES on main menu.
Scroll down Venue Display to find current exhibitions.
Click on listing to see all details. 

Go to ARTISTS/Artist A-Z:
Go to Refine box on left.
Type in the artist's last name in the keyword search box.
Or search alphabetically using A-Z listings.
Click on artist name and go to Profile.
Scroll down to exhibition listings and click on correct event.

Meta Search
Go to meta search box under Add Content on the main menu.
Type in artist's last name, or venue name.
Go to profile displays and search for current exhibitions.