FAQ - Using the Calendar

ArtSlant is THE source for contemporary art events on the web. We provide a local and in-depth calendar on a city-by-city basis for exhibits, openings and art events.

Add your own exhibit or event and it will appear immediately in our Calendar.

Calendar Menu Dropdown

If you click on Calendar from our main menu, you are defaulted to Openings & Exhibits for Key Venues.

To reach other calendar items - use our dropdown menu that appears below the word Calendar.  It offers the following menu items:

Openings & Events - a chronological listing of all upcoming new events.
Exhibits - all currently running exhibitions
Picks & Reviews - a chronological listing of all exhibtion picks & reviews
Recommended - exhibitions recommended (*) by our community
Closing Soon - a chronological listing of exhibits about to close
Recently Added - all exhibits/events recently entered
Art Blogroll - a long list of art blogs culled from the cybersphere
Mylists - specialized list of favorites created by the user

Key Venues & All Venues

In order to more easily find the kind of exhibitions and events you like, the ArtSlant calendar is split into two basic venue types:  Key Venues and All Venues.

Key Venues are the established contemporary art galleries and museums in your city.  Key Venues are marked with a star (*).

All Venues provide the more experimental and hybrid venues in your city.

Toggle between the two by using the links found at the top of the Calendar listings.

Navigating our Calendar through Refine & Tags

The ArtSlant Calendar is extremely comprehensive because our community is actively involved in providing information.  We like to provide an inclusive and flexible Calendar for our audience.

Calendar listings can be reviewed as served up, or customized through our Refine or Tag Cloud sorthing features.

Refine Box - found on the left side of Calendar listings.
Keyword search - type in words to sort the list.
Neighborhood - search for events in specific areas using the dropdown.
Venues - search for events by Galleries, Museums, Alternative, All.
Dates - search for events by selecting specific dates.

Tag Cloud - found at the top of Calendar listings.  Clilck on any word and find events tagged with that description.  Larger words have more events.

Clear Search - to remove a sort filter, click on [clear] at the top of the list.

Community Features for Each Event

The ArtSlant Calendar provides thumbnail images, full detail on venue location, artists and event title, short description, event times, and event type. 

Click on the thumbnail to go to the detail page. Here you will find reviews, images, a list of recommenders and press releases.

At the bottom left of each event listing, you will find our Community features:

Write a Review
- registered users can write comments or a full review for the listed exhibition.  Contribute to the dialogue!
Add to mylist - create specialized lists of favorites.
Recommend - cast your vote anonymously.

Actions Box

Our Actions box on the right side of each Calendar list provides many features:

Map - click to get a mapping of all event locations.
Email - click to email this page to a friend.
Print - click to print this page.
Subscribe - click to provide for a direct RSS feed on your homepage.