FAQ – Connecting with ArtSlant Members

ArtSlant is an open platform approach to developing and maintaining a global arts community. We allow the general public to register and contribute content like art, reviews, and exhibition events. ArtSlant has many checks in place to monitor content, oversee problems, and help our users make the most out of the world's largest social network for artists. 




Your watchlist can be found under your Account's Activity tab, just click on and you'll see all the artists you've followed on ArtSlant as well as their last activity. You can also remove artists from your Watchlist tab or from their profile.

You can add artists, artworks, and venues to saved lists. Saved lists are found under your Account's Activity tab, just click on Have an idea for an exhibition and want to do some curatorial scouting? Want to visit a series of openings? What to keep a list of your favorite artists that inspire you? All of this is possible through your saved lists.

Artist profiles, articles, artworks, venues, etc. can all be sent as a link to an email. Perfect for sharing or reminding, just click the link and a dialogue box will pop-up to send the link and a message to anyone with an email address.


On each ArtSlant profile, we provide an email this artist feature for registered users. This feature is activated when you enter your email address into your Profile settings. Your email address is never made public.

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of this and try to send spam. We do have countermeasures in place to avoid this, sometimes, however, some does get through. Always be cautious when receiving email from someone you don't know!

If someone sends you an email from your ArtSlant profile, you can either respond to this person or not.  NOTE:  Unless you respond, they will not have your personal email address.

To turn off this feature, go to your Account page. Under Settings you will find the Permissions tab, where you can modify your privacy and permissions settings. If you select "no one" for the "Who can email you from your profile" question, the "email this Artist" function not appear on your Profile.

Comments are a quick way to spread the art love.  Click on Comments under your name to read or send comments. All Comments you send will link back to your Profile page.

To remove a specific Comment, just click on the remove button.

To turn off or modify this feature, go to your Account page, under Settings you will find the Permissions tab, there you can modify your privacy and permissions settings. 


Annoyance or Abuse Problems 

Please immediately report any annoyance or abuse problems. While ArtSlant cannot control the general public, we can remove users from the site if deemed inappropriate. It is suggested that you not respond directly to anyone who is bothering you.


ArtSlant has shutdown. The website is currently running in a view-only mode to allow archiving of the content.

The website will be permanently closed shortly, so please retrieve any content you wish to save.