FAQ - Key Venue Program

In order to easily find the kind of exhibitions and events you like, the ArtSlant calendar and venue listings are split into two basic venue types: Key Venues and All Venues.  ArtSlant Users can toggle between the two listings by using the radio buttons at the top of the Openings, Exhibitions, or Venue listings.

The ArtSlant curation team is in charge of researching and categorizing all venues in ArtSlant cities and determining which ones will go into the Key listings.

Because we get so many exhibition listings, ArtSlant developed the Key and All designations as a way to assist our audience in navigating the extensive exhibition content within each of the ArtSlant cities.  ArtSlant is very lucky to have such a large and active arts audience, and we want everyone to benefit from this.

Key Venues are the established contemporary art galleries and museums in each city. Key Venues are marked with a star (*).

All Venues include the Key Venues and the more experimental and hybrid venues in each city.

>Highlights of Key Venue * Program

Our key venue program is designed to encourage and promote galleries and museums that offer the style of programming most suited to our fine art audience.

For our users more interested in emerging, experimental or hybrid venues, we offer full listings showing all venues and exhibitions in each city.

Guidelines for Key Venue Status

The following criteria will be used in determining key venue status for galleries and museums:

  1. Must be a dedicated gallery or museum open to the public with regular viewing hours.
  2. Must have a year-long curated exhibition program that includes solo and group shows.
  3. Must have been in operation at least one year.
  4. Must represent artists deemed to be of importance to contemporary art practices.
  5. Must be recognized by the community as a significant contemporary art venue.
  6. Must be reviewed and approved by ArtSlant curation team.

Venues Not Accepted

  1. Online galleries.
  2. Hybrid venues such as cafe/gallery, boutique/gallery, or showroom/gallery.
  3. Private venues not open to the public; invitation-only venues.
  4. Venues that change their programming or purpose so that they no longer fit our criteria.

Apply for Key Venue Status

The ArtSlant curation team reviews requests for Key Venues as they arrive. Please send a letter of interest to Please put "request for key venue status" in the subject field of your email and be sure to list the name of your venue and link to your ArtSlant Profile and venue website in your email.

Key Venues must have fully maintained profile pages.

ArtSlant reserves the right to award or remove Key Venue status at any time without prior notification.