FAQ – Email This Artist, Comments, Network

Interact with the profile owner

On the right column, below the MANAGE box there are options for our registered users to interact with you.


watch this artist (add to watchlist)

add to saved list (specialized listings of personal favorites)

forward by email (email the profile page to a friend)

email this artist (send a blind email to the Profile owner)

report abuse (suspect content, fraudulent content)

contact us for help (customer support)

share to Facebook, Tumbler or Twitter 

Email this Artist

This feature allows registered users to send a blind email to the Profile owner.  The Profile owner's address is never made public.  The person sending the email must provide their contact information in their email.  The Profile artist elect to respond to or ignore the email.

Email this Artist allows people to express an interest in buying, exhibiting or seeing more of the artist's work.  It also allows members from the Artslant community a chance to contact each other in a protected system.

To turn off this feature, go to Accounts and find the Permissions tab, where you can modify your privacy and permissions settings. If you select "no one" for the "Who can email you from your profile" question, the "email this Artist" function not appear to people looking at your Profile


Comments are a quick way to spread the art love. Click on comments in your profile page to see your comments.

All Comments you send will link back to your Profile page.

To remove a specific Comment, just click on the remove button provided.

To turn off or modify this feature, go under Accounts you will find the Permissions tab, where you can modify your privacy and permissions settings. Here you can choose who can leave or see comments on your profile.


You can create your personal Watchlist to follow your favorite artists, friends, or other professional interests.  Go to Watchlist Features to learn more about this.

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