FAQ – Adding Exhibition Listings for Galleries

To add an exhibition listing in ArtSlant, you must be a registered member.


For ArtSlant members managing a gallery, museum, or venue listing:

To add exhibitions or events, go to your gallery/venue page and click on add related event in the right side bar. Any exhibition added here will be catalogued on your gallery/venue page.


For ArtSlant members not yet managing a gallery, museum, or venue listing:

If you have not already claimed your venue listing, please follow the FAQs for creating and claiming venue pages.

If you work at a gallery or museum and would like to claim editing rights to your ArtSlant page, please Register on ArtSlant and then email us your User ID name with a request to claim your page. The process should be complete in 24 hours.

If you do not manage a gallery or venue listing, but want to add an exhibition, you can click ADD AN EXHIBIT from the Calendar drop down menu and follow the prompts for adding a new exhibition or event.

Type the venue name into the first field and select your venue from the dropdown list of galleries and museums in the ArtSlant database:


Entering information about an exhibition

Begin on your gallery or venue listing page. Click add related event in in the right side bar. You will see this form for adding your new exhibition or event listing:

• Venue: If entering an exhibition directly from a venue listing, the gallery or venue will automatically appear in this field.

• Event Title: Enter the title of the exhibition or event.  If there is no title, use the artist's name or Group Exhibition.

• Artists:  Enter artist names. Watch the drop down to see if the artists are already in our system. IMPORTANT: For exhibitions with more than one artist, put commas between names. Do not use "and," "with," "in collaboration with," etc. In the case of a team, use an "&"—e.g. "Gilbert & George." You may enter up to 25 artist names.

• Curators: Ditto with curator(s)
• Event Type: Choose "Ongoing Exhibit" (2 or more days) or Performance, closing, lecture, or other Event (1 day only)
• Start Date/End Date:  Choose from calendar
• Hours: Fill in this field if your listing is a one-time event. Otherwise, leave it blank. If the exhibition has an Opening, select the appropriate button to add information about the Opening.

• Description: You can use this field to include a press release or short description of the show or event. You may embed jpg images and hyperlinks into the description using the icons on the text editing box menu bar.
• Admission Fee Skip unless there is a specific fee.

• Schools: If a school is associated with this event, type it in and select from the dropdown menu.

Click Save. If you make a mistake, click on edit event in the right side bar to correct. To delete the entire entry, click on remove event.


Adding Images to an Exhibition or Event listing

Once you have saved your new exhibition listing, you can now add images to the listing.

Click on add images in the right side bar.

You can then drag and drop images from your computer, or click on the image box to browse files on your computer. We only accept jpg, gif, or png files.

Once the image is uploaded, you can clikc on the pen/edit logo just above the image. Complete the image caption information as prompted. It is very important to be accurate when listing the information on images. Note: this image and associated information will automatically appear on the profile of the listed artist.


Hints for adding exhibitions and events

• All exhibitions/events will immediately post on ArtSlant.
• Be sure to fill out all the details of your exhibition/event so our readers can find it easily.
• Add images: images increase visibility on our Calendar listings.
• Add a professional description or press release in the description box.
• If you make a mistake, click on edit event in the right side bar to correct. To delete the entire entry, click on remove event.


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