FAQ – How Venues Appear in ArtSlant & How to Claim an Existing Venue

The ArtSlant contemporary art network is designed to create an historical database of exhibitions and events, connecting and archiving the activities of artists, galleries, and art professionals. This network is a tremendous reference for galleries, museums, artists, curators, and other arts professionals, as well as collectors and buyers.

I found my gallery and exhibitions listed in ArtSlant already. How did they get there?

Whenever a gallery, museum, curator, artist or other individual enters an exhibition or event into the ArtSlant system, there is a record created that links the relevant artist(s), venue(s), exhibtion(s), and event(s).

Each newly added venue receives an ArtSlant Venue page which is searchable by Google and other search engines. The Venue page archives the exhibition data, linking together the venue with exhibitions, events, and artists.

Your Venue page may have been created by an artist who added his or her exhibition info into our Calendar or by the Artslant Team to enhance our gallery listings. We encourage you to register on Artslant and claim your Venue page to customize it and ensure that all information on the page is correct and up-to-date.

How to claim a Venue already listed on ArtSlant:

Your Venue may already be in the ArtSlant database. You can claim your exisiting Venue page for free and receive full editing privileges. To claim a Venue page, you must first register as an arts professional on ArtSlant.

• Type your venue or gallery's name into the search field on the top, right side of the ArtSlant homepage. HINT: your name may be under a slight variation.

• If you find your venue in our database, you can claim your existing Venue page by clicking the click here to claim this venue page link, which is on the lower lefthand side of the venue listing.

• Follow the prompts. Send us your ArtSlant Account User ID and we will provide you with editing rights to the Venue.


There are multiple listings for my Venue in ArtSlant. What do I do?

Sometimes galleries and museums may find multiple Venues in the ArtSlant network under slight variations or misspellings of their name. This occurs when others input exhibition information and list the Venue as an acronym or misspell it altogether.

For example, "San Francisco Museum of Modern Art" and "SFMOMA" might exist as two separate Venue pages, but can be merged into one official Venue.

If this has happened with your Venue, please contact us for assistance, and mention which name you would like as your offical Venue name and we'll be happy to merge the duplicates.


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The website will be permanently closed shortly, so please retrieve any content you wish to save.