FAQ - Artworks Manager: How to Add & Organize Collections



Once you have signed up for a Standard or Premium Profile subscription, you can access the Artworks Manager.  

To get started, click on >add/edit artworks in your Manage My Profile box on the right side of your profile page. The Artworks Manager section will open up.

Artworks Manager - All Artworks

All Artworks - Adding new work

All existing artworks will be housed in the All Artworks Collection.  If you scroll down you will see all of your artworks displayed.

To add new images to your All Artworks Collection, click on "add new artwork" on the right of your Artworks Manager under "add a new collection".


Artworks Manager - Creating Collections

Organize images into Collections

Click on "add a new collection" link at the far right of your Artworks Manager.  

A dialog box will open asking for the Collection name. Type in the name and hit Save.

Add as many Collections as you wish.

To delete a Collection, click on the "x" at the top right of the Collection box.


Artworks Manager - Adding Images into Collections


Add an Image to a Collection

Click on the All Artworks Collection to open up the images...scroll down to find all images.

To move a single image into a Collection, click on the "check box" at the top right of the Collection.

A dialog box will come up asking which Collection you want to add it to.  Make selections and save.


Artworks Manager - Adding multiple Images at one time

Move multiple Images into a Collection

Open All Artworks.

Click on all the images you want to move into a particular Collection.

Click on the "assign multiple artworks" link at the top right of the image display

Move the images into the selected Collection.


Artworks Manager - Moving and Editing Collections

Moving and Editing Collections and Images

Drag and Drop Collection boxes into the position you want. Remember the first Collection shows on your Homepage slideshow.

Open each Collection to re-order your images. Use the Drag and Drop feature for easy image manipulation.

To Edit image information, or Remove image, click on the "pen" icon on the image.

You will be shown the full image information. Use the Add/Edit or Remove links on the right of the page to alter your image.