What are my Profile tabs? How do I hide or show tabs, such as Comments or Awards?

With the Standard or Portfolio Profile package, you can control the Profile Tabs which display on your Profile. This allows you to create a public profile that effectively showcases your work, your accomplishments, and your professional image.
CUSTOMIZE PROFILE TABS on Standard & Portfolio Profiles

CUSTOMIZE your profile tabs with STANDARD & PORTFOLIO Profile Subscriptions:

  • 1. Select Standard or Portfolio Profile using >Upgrade my profile.
    2. Find the Sections tab in Edit Profile - last tab.
    3. Hide tabs that are not suited to your purposes, such as Comments or Awards.
    4. Show tabs that enhance your Profile presentation, such as Exhibits or Reviews.
  • 5. Select which Tab Sections you want to display by unclicking boxes. You can change these at any time.

Create a Profile presentation that suits your professional image.


To add exhibits which are missing from your Profile - see our faq.

To add reviews of your shows or work, see our faqs - here & here.

To add your bio/CV/statement, use the Bio tab under Edit Profile. See more info on using the text editor (faq).

Awards refer only to awards received by artists competing in the Showcase Series competition (faq).