FAQ - Registering on ArtSlant

Registration on ArtSlant is free and secure.  By registering you help us prevent Spam by keeping all of our community content transparent.



• Click on the Register Free link found on our Homepage on the left side (link: )

• Complete all information as required.

• Your "User ID Name" will be your log in name, as well as the name found on any comments or other content you contribute to ArtSlant unless you have a Profile name.  If you open an artist profile or other profile, then your profile name will link to content that you contribute to the site. Please keep in mind that this will be your professional name.

• Select your Default City.  You will automatically default to this city whenever you sign in again.  Also, if you select to receive our E-Slant Weekly newsletter and THE VIEWS, the content will be focused on that city.

• Select which email subscriptions you wish to receive.

• After submitting your information, go to your email box to find our verification email.  You must click on the link in our verification email in order to complete your registration.

• After registering, please go to ArtSlant and sign in.  

Notice that you now have a My Page link at the top of our website.  Clilck on this link to go to your private account hub. This is where you will always find information on your User Acocunt, your subscriptions and contests, your advertising dashboard, and other useful items.