FAQ - SalesRoom: Reselling Artwork


People may resell art work through the ArtSlant SalesRoom as long as they rightfully own the art work and provide proof of purchase/ownership on their selling detail.

>How to Set Up an Artist Profile for Resales in the SalesRoom

After registering on ArtSlant, the reseller should open an artist profile with the name of the artist who created the works being sold.  Profile name should take the form of :  "(artist's name), resale by owner".  By designating your selling profile in this way, you will ensure that buyers will find the work through normal search mechanisms.

Seller sets the price they want to get paid, and labels the work as an original or print etc.  Seller uploads high-resolution images of the work or works. The rest of the selling side is the same as usual.
Seller pays $10 per year per artist profile of this type tp list work in the ArtSlant SalesRoom, and ArtSlant charges the usual 25% buyer's fee on each work being sold.  The displayed price on ArtSlant will include this 25% markup.

The seller must be able to provide proof of purchase/ownership should a buyer wish to purchase the work, and seller should state that they are reselling the work on the artist profile page in ArtSlant. ArtSlant takes no responsibility for verifying these sales, and is only offering a listing service for marketing purposes.
The provenance history of each work being resold should be entered into the Provenance field provided on the image detail.  Date and place of purchase and current owner's name should be entered here as well as be listed in the description box.

ArtSlant assumes no liability for the accuracy of claims made by the reseller.