FAQ - SalesRoom: How to remove work that has been sold from my inventory


It is very important to keep your SalesRoom inventory current and dynamic. Here are a few tips to keep your buying audience engaged and responsive to your SalesRoom gallery.

Keep your inventory limited to aobut 20 of your best works.  Buyers are impressed with quality, not quantity.

Regularly go through your inventory and remove works that are not selling. Restock and refresh your inventory with new works or new offerings.

When Original works sell, you must remove them immediately from your inventory. This will keep your inventory current and accurate. Failure to remove sold works could be cause for removal from the ArtSlant SalesRoom.

To remove works from your Inventory, please do the following:

  1. Go to your My Page.
  2. Scroll down the index (left menu) to Sales - click on the Works on sale tab.  An index of your SalesRoom works will show.
  3. Find the work you want to remove.  Click on details next to that image.  This takes you to the Edit Panel. Please edit.
  4. Click on Remove This Artwork.  This will immediately remove that image from your inventory.