FAQ - SalesRoom: Entering or Changing Measurements on Works; Circular or Shaped Work


On sales of original work, we ask for a work's height, width and depth in order to give our buyers a general idea of the size of a piece.  With all sales of original work, our Art Consultants will be involved and can assist the buyer with this information.  Often buyers are looking for works within certain dimensions, so it is very important to provide this information accurately for each image.
How to Enter Dimensions for Work Already in the SalesRoom
If you have already entered work and need to correct the dimensions, click on MY PAGE.  Go to My Works for Sale under My Art Store.
Click on "Change opposite the image you want to change.  Follow the Continue button until you get to the description page.  Enter the correct dimensions of your work.
FOR Depth:  On 2D work, simply enter "1" inch into the Depth field.
How to Enter Dimensions for Shaped Work?
If your 2D work is circular, or shaped, we suggest the following guidelines for providing the measurements:
- For circular work, measure from top to bottom for height, and from side to side for width.  Depth should be the largest measurement found in the piece (for work that has 3D quality, the depth can vary).
- For shaped work, measure the height, width and depth at those points which are greatest.
With regard to prints, the print sizes are based on the resolution of the image, not the actual size of the original.