FAQ - SalesRoom: Using the Art Consultant Notes to Increase Sales



>Help the Art Consultants Sell Your Work!

As a selling artist in the SalesRoom, the single biggest thing you can do to help the Art Consultants sell more of your work is to use the Art Consultant Notes box.

Providing background and insider information in the Art Consultant Notes will help give our Consultants more information than the buyer has, which is a very valuable edge.

Provide all contact phone numbers, email addresses and Skype address on all works for sale so that our Consultants can easily and quickly talk with you if a buyer expresses interest in your work.

>Complete the Art Consultant Notes on New Works for Sale

When you enter any work into our SalesRoom, look for the Art Consultant Notes box on the Describe Work page of the entry wizard.  After completing the title, medium, date and details on the caption for your image, you will scroll down and find the Artist's Description box (which the general public can see) and the Art Consultant Notes box (which only you and the Consultant can see).  This is where you should provide information for the Art Consultants.

>To Add Info in the Consultant Notes on Works Already for Sale

-Click on My Page (next to Home on menu bar) and go to your private account hub.

-Scroll down the left menu to My Works for Sale.  Click on this to open up your inventory page.

-Find the work you want to edit, and click on "edit" across from that image.

-Click the Continue button to advance through the entry wizard.

-When you get to the Describe Work page, scroll down to the Consultant Notes box.  Add info.  Click on Continue to complete the wizard.

-Follow these instructions for each work you have entered for sale that you want to change.