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Original Works

ArtSlant offers curated and select collections featuring emerging and established artists from all over the world.  All works are vetted by our SalesRoom team for quality and appropriateness. 

The SalesRoom is a secure purchasing environment. ArtSlant maintains state of the art encryption software to keep all financial transactions private. More Info: Originals 




Develop Your Selling Gallery

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To be a selling artist in The SalesRoom, you must open your Artist Profile and then complete The SalesRoom application. You may sell an unlimited number of works, both as originals and prints.  (more)

SalesRoom Basics: What is the SalesRoom? (more)




Art Consultant Team

ArtSlant's team of experienced art consultants assist buyers with finding and selecting work for home, office or investment. Consultant services are confidential and are provided at no charge. Email:

Corporate Collections

For the corporate buyer, the ArtSlant consultant team can help develop strategies for building your collection and creating an inventory that reflects a range of original and print works. Collect a few carefully selected artists, or assemble a diverse mix of international styles and artists.

Worldwide Shipping & Handling

The ArtSlant SalesRoom team will oversee handling, insuring and shipping of your purchases. Our tracking methods help you to watch the progress of each shipment from artist's studio to your door. 

For originals: Selling artists are responsible for investigating shipping details and buyers need to know shipping costs and timing before they can make a decision to purchase. Tracking method and insurance is a requirement.




Freedom to Explore

The ArtSlant SalesRoom allows the art buyer the freedom to explore different styles, genres and artists without pressure to make hasty decisions. Learn what attracts you. Buy from all over the world. Develop relationships with favorite artists.

Our Commitment to Artists & Collectors

ArtSlant believes in its artists and all of the wonderful art they bring to us. As part of our commitment to artists and furthering artists' careers, ArtSlant supports charities that help to further the exhibition and discussion of contemporary art, as well as provide opportunities for art-making.  We also contribute to charities that help those less fortunate in the US and around the world. For this reason we donate a small portion of proceeds on our art sales to select charities.