FAQ – Maximize Your Visibility on ArtSlant

Our mission is to provide opportunities to artists, galleries, and the art community around the world to gain recognition, create platforms for selling and exhibiting work, and to connect with other artists and arts professionals to enrich their own career.

Some Suggestions for Maximizing Visibility on ArtSlant

Create a thoroughly dynamic and compelling Artist Profile or Venue display. Almost half of ArtSlant's traffic comes from people searching for artists, so this is a Must Do!

Go to your Account page. Click on ArtSlant Profile. You can add your bio/statement under the Bio tab and upload your personal thumbnail image under the Info tab. Click on the Artwork tab and follow prompts to create your slideshow.

Include a link a personal website on your Profile if you have one, or Upgrade your profile to create a unique website using the ArtSlant platform.

Include your email address so that interested ArtSlant users can email you anonymously.

Click on Exhibitions to add events to your exhibition page to ensure your profile is linked to the Venue and Exhibition Display pages in our Calendar. 


Tagging and Identifying Work for Easy Browsing

Images must be properly captioned and tagged for Google and search engine optimization. After uploading images of your artwork, click the little pencil logo on the image to add captions. To add tags and more information, click complete artwork details in the bottom left of the edit artwork box.

Only select one medium to tag each image - is it a Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, or Mixed Media?

Complete your image captions thoroughly! This is critical for effective browsing on our site.

Use Tags! Use Tags! Use Tags!


Special Advertising Packages for Artists, Galleries & Resources

We know you want exposure and we would love to help you. Another very important tool for gaining visibility on a worldwide basis is through our special advertising campaigns. ArtSlant users who have taken advantage of ArtSlant's huge audience and specially designed advertising packages have had tremendous success in gaining name recognition, local and worldwide visibility, new exhibitions and artists, sales, and increased excitement and buzz. Contact to learn about our advertising packages.


Enter the ArtSlant Prize Showcase Series

Our Showcase artists get a huge amount of visibility and exposure, both on and off our website. Winners are eligible for exhibitions and cash prizes, all for a $3 entry fee per round. In addition, any Showcase Winner who becomes a selling artist in our SalesRoom will have their work featured in our Winners collection. 


Comments and Emails

Don't wait for other people to find you: you can find them! Search through our artist profiles and find artists and art professionals whose work you admire. Send them comments, or use the "email this artist" feature to connect. Artists that build a network themselves will get more exposure and benefits from the ArtSlant community.


SalesRoom for Artists

The ArtSlant SalesRoom provides a full range of selling services for artists in our community. You can sell original works through our SalesRoom.


Get your friends to visit your ArtSlant Profile, and link to it!

The more traffic you get, the more often your Profile will come up in various ArtSlant features. Google and other search engine optimization is based on the number of links you have coming into your page. The more people linking to you, the higher up you will appear in searches.