FAQ - SalesRoom: Uploading Images in the SalesRoom

There are a couple of different ways to upload images into the SalesRoom, either for sale as an Original work or as a Digital Editions print.  Here are a couple of suggested methods for uploading:

How to Upload Images in the SalesRoom

For images already uploaded in your profile page:

1. Go to your ARTWORKS page in your profile.

2. Click on any of your artworks, you'll be directed you to the individual artwork's page.

3. Click on "edit work" under the CHANGE THIS WORK box.

4. If you choose digital prints, please enter the price of the print and the rest of the pricing is calculated automatically for different sizes. You can change the prices for each size if you wish.

5. If you choose originals, please complete the sizing and pricing options as provided. 

6. It is very important to complete the work caption: Medium ( e.g. oil on canvas); Medium category (select from dropdown); Subject (select from dropdown)

7. Completing the Tags field will allow your buyers to browse for your work - please complete the tags field with as many descriptors as you wish.

8. Describe your work in the Text box as indicated - this will give your buyers a personal experience of your work. In the description text box, you can add links, embed videos, add images of your artwork's details and customize your text. For original artwork add information regarding shipping. See more here.

9. All images submitted for sale are vetted by the ArtSlant team. As soon as your images are approved, you'll find them "For Sale" in your profile page. To avoid being rejected, please see our image requirements.

Adding new images or editing images from the Artwork tab. 

-Click the "edit profile" link under your MANAGE MY PROFILE box

-Go to Artwork and click inside the dotted box to upload new images. 

-Use the pencil icon to edit images and offer for sale.


Images submitted for sale will be reviewed and vetted for appropriate sizing and technical issues with regards to print quality.  If there are any problems, you will be notified via email and you can enter a new image.

Good Luck!