FAQ - SalesRoom: Benefits of Selling in the SalesRoom

The SalesRoom provides a uniquely high end customer who understands and appreciates contemporary art.

Many of ArtSlant's members are influencers who not only buy art for themselves, but recommend works and artists to galleries, curators and museums.

You can live on a beautiful island, or in a far off city, and we will make the sales happen for you, and send you your payments - so you can do what you do best - create.


How Does ArtSlant Help Sell My Work?

ArtSlant provides each of its selling artists with local depth as well as global reach.  Thousands of art buyers visit ArtSlant daily looking for the newest and best in art.  ArtSlant provides you with huge exposure worldwide, which is not available elsewhere.

ArtSlant also advertises to bring in thousands of buyers to the SalesRoom.

Aside from our committed and large arts audience, we offer the selling artist the following:

A beautiful Profile display and attached Art Works selling platform.

Templated Email Marketing tool available to each selling artist to make it easy to create and distribute PR and Special Offer announcements.  You can import your email distribution lists and ArtSlant will automatically send and track your marketing email under your own email return address. It is fast, easy and highly effective.

Hands-on tracking system that will help the buyer follow the shipment and receipt of his or her purchase.  We will follow up to make sure they are satisfied.  We want them to come back again and again.

For Returns & Refunds, an Art Consultant will negotiate between artist and buyer to help assist an amicable agreement.  In the event that a 30-day money back guarantee was provided on a given sale, then those terms will apply. For more information please see: FAQ: Retuns and Refunds