FAQ - SalesRoom: Re-submitting Rejected Images

As part of our committment to quality in the SalesRoom, ArtSlant vets all images for proper sizing and technical concerns.  If one of your images is rejected, you will receive an email explaining why.

To resubmit an image after you have corrected the problems, please follow these instructions:

How to Resubmit an Image


  1. Click on "My works for sale" in MY ART STORE (found in your MY PAGE account hub)
  2. Click on "change" found under details to your right of the respective image
  3. Click on continue button under ENTER WORK - SELECT TYPE OF SALE box after checking the appropriate box
  4. This will take you to DIGITAL EDITIONS PRICING box where you can click on "here" mentioned in the line: "Click here if you would like to submit a larger image."
  5. You can choose a better image upload the same.
  6. Please follow the exact same procedure you used to upload a previous image.
  7. Once it is uploaded, the artwork image is sent for verification.