FAQ - SalesRoom Basics


What is the SalesRoom?

The ArtSlant Art Shop is the place for buyers and collectors to find the art they love.

Art buyers can search and browse through our inventory, investigate individual works, learn about a particular artist,  and consult with our team of experienced Art Consultants.  Purchasing art becomes convenient and enjoyable in the ArtSlant SalesRoom.

Benefits to the Artist

For the professional or emerging artist, the SalesRoom offers a full range of services for selling your work as both a Digital Edition print and/or as an Original work.

ArtSlant will bring in thousands of sophisticated buyers to the SalesRoom from our external advertising programs and from within the buyer and collector community that frequent ArtSlant every day.

The SalesRoom is accesible to all artists with a Standard or Portfolio Profile subscription.

Browse & Search Our Inventory

In the SalesRoom, buyers and collectors are able to browse and search for the art they wish to purchase by medium, genre, size, color, price, subject, tag or by artist.

Buyers are able to browse our curated collections for the best in contemporary fine art as well as search art with a winning track record from our Showcase competitions, past and future.

ArtSlant automatically takes care of manufacturing, shipping and tracking of the sales from our printing facility to the buyer's front door.

Naturally, all of this is followed by prompt payment to the artist because we are in the business of creating success for our artists!

Our Art Consultants take the hassle out selling your art. They are an active part of the SalesRoom, they love art, and they are experienced at dealing with buyers and collectors.  They make selling your art a much smoother experience - giving you more time to create.

How Do I Apply?

Signup to Sell Your Art

Image Vetting

All images entered for sale will be reviewed by the ArtSlant Team for print-quality, sizing and appearance.  If any of your images are rejected, you will receive an email notifying you of the reason.

You can replace the rejected image with a new version and resubmit at any time.

To find the images you have entered for sale, go to MY PAGE.  This takes you to your ArtSlant Account Hub.  Scroll down the menu on the left to MY ART STORE.  You will find all functionality for your art sales in that section.

For more information on our image requirements please see our FAQs:

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Artist Payments

For information on payments to artists, please see our FAQ:

Artist Payments