FAQ - Sell your artwork to a global audience

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The ArtSlant team has developed a high-end selling platform for artists.  You can offer your original works for sale, as well as museum-quality archival prints through the ArtSlant printing facility.

The SalesRoom is accesible to all artists with a Standard or Portfolio Profile subscription.

1.  Register on ArtSlant

2.  Open an Artist Profile (Profile FAQ for help)

3.  From your Artist profile, click the ¨edit profile¨ link under your MANAGE MY PROFILE box. Go to Sales in the left      column. 

4.  Enter works for sale as either original or print offerings. ArtSlant curators will examine the work and ensure that it meets ArtSlant requirements. For more information, please see here.

5.  On sales of original works, ArtSlant will refer buyers to you to make shipping arrangements.  You will be responsible for having the work delivered properly and safely.  ArtSlant takes no responsibility for the damage or loss of original works.

6.  ArtSlant takes a 25% Commission on all art sales. Compared to the normal 50%, not too bad, right?