FAQ - SalesRoom: Artist Payments

All selling artists in the ArtSlant SalesRoom receive timely payments for works sold, as well as detailed invoices on each sale.

Payment Method

ArtSlant selling artists are paid either by Paypal Account (US and international) or by Check (US residents only).  Upon completing the registration to become a selling artist, each artist provides information on their preferred method of payment.

US Residents: To be paid by check, artist must provide a Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax ID number (EIN) for IRS reporting purposes.

Pricing on Work

Each artist sets their own pricing for originals and prints (referred to as "Artist Price"). Prices on prints can vary according to the print size.  Please refer to our Artist Pricing Advisor for more information (FAQ).

Calculating Final Price on ArtSlant

ArtSlant adds a 25% buyer's fee to all prices; the total price will appear on the website.

To calculate the total list price that will appear on the website based on the artist asking price,=, simply take the artist asking price and add 25%.

To calculate the artist price from a total list price, then deduct 20% from the total list price.
As an example;
If you want to achieve a list price of $1000 for a work, subtract 20% from that price and you get $800; therefore, the artist asking price should be $800.  A 25% markup applied to the artist price of $800 gets you to 1.25 x 800 = 1000.
In summary, a 25% markup over the artist price is the same as a 20% discount from list price.
Seeing the List Price on ArtSlant
When you check the list prices for your works, you must log out of your ArtSlant account first.  If you check your own prices while you are logged in, the software carefully notes that you are the artist who created these works, and shows you the price you would pay if you bought them yourself with the artist's 10% discount on all printing and framing services.
Similarly, if you were to have a buyer use your computer to buy one of your works, you must log yourself out first, so they see, and they pay, the full list price for your works.

Timing of Payments

Buyers of both Original works and Digital Edition prints must provide payment information upon purchase.  The buyer’s funds are held by ArtSlant until notification of receipt of shipment and acceptance has been received, or until the 30-day guarantee period has elapsed. Upon either of these markers, the artist’s royalty is paid through Paypal or by check (check for US residents only) to the artist. The artist receives a statement covering the sale.

Note: In the event the artist has been paid for a work and a return follows for approved reasons, ArtSlant will deduct the refund amount from artist’s account.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

As a service to our buyers, all Digital Edition sales shipped to buyers in the USA come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.  Buyer may return work for any reason during the guarantee period and receive a full refund of the cost of the print.  Shipping costs will be covered in the event of damage or loss of work.