FAQ - SalesRoom: Image Requirements

What Kind of Images Do I Need to Provide to be Accepted in the SalesRoom?

Selling artists must provide high-quality digital images of their art work in order to be accepted into the sales program.  For selling original artwork we recommend images with 1000 pixels in one side at least. Each image will be reviewed and vetted by the ArtSlant Team.  You will receive a rejection notice via email if your work is not accepted. You may resubmit once your image is corrected.

Our system only supports jpg, png and gif files. Check that your image is in the right format. 

Guidelines for Acceptable Images

No background or frame should be shown in your image.  Be sure to look closely at your images for whitening at the edges. Careful cropping of images will make all the difference.

Suggestions for open source photo manipulation software are:

Picasa (

GIMP ( (

Color accuracy is extremely important.  Use proper lighting when photographing your art work.  Some photo manipulation software can help with color correction.

. Proper alignment of images is necessary. Images that are mis-aligned or crooked will be rejected.

. No blurry images will be accepted.  Be sure the focus is spot-on.

. No pornographic or obscene material will be accepted.

Artist must have full rights to image in terms of copyright and reproduction.