FAQ - SalesRoom: Originals Program

Selling original work takes time, contacts and smarts.  ArtSlant wishes to take the hassle out of selling original works and help artists and buyers discover the joy of buying and selling original works.

For our buyers, ArtSlant provides experienced Art Consultants to answer questions, conduct negotiations, and assist with shipment logistics.

For our artists, the combination of our Art Consultant program with our advertising demand creation system makes our offering uniquely attractive. We allow our selling artists to focus on making the work while we focus on the business side of sales.


What is the ArtSlant Originals Program?

The ArtSlant SalesRoom allows artists to offer original works for sale.  ArtSlant will assist in most shipments originating and being delivered in the US. For shipments outside the US, ArtSlant will provide the buyer direct access to the artist so they can both agree on shipping terms. Artists must have copyright and ownership rights in order to sell original work through The SalesRoom.


Pricing on Originals

All works being offered for sale as an original must be priced.  Any work that is not priced, or that the artist only wants to sell directly from their studio, will not be accepted into the SalesRoom.

Artists determine their asking price and then ArtSlant adds a 25% buyer's fee to that price on original sales in which ArtSlant is directly involved.  The total is listed on the ArtSlant website.

Packing, shipping, insurance and other costs for transporting work are negotiated at the time of sale.

Shipping of Originals

Each selling artist should investigate the best methods for packing and shipping their original work. ArtSlant does not handle this for you.

For shipments in the USA, ArtSlant uses UPS, DHL and other established art shippers (depending on size of work). Shipping costs are based on dimensions and weight of packed art work, so knowing in advance how to pack your work and what the dimensions and weight are will advance a potential sale quickly.

Shipments of original works internationally is reasonably complicated and expensive, and we depend upon the artist to be able to handle the Export and Import documentation and regulations, pack their own work professionally or have a packer that they use, have professional shippers with whom they work on international shipments, and most importantly, be able to provide quick quotes on approximate costs to our buyers.

Buyers need to know shipping costs and timing before they can make a decision to purchase. Selling artists are responsible for investigating shipping details.

ArtSlant will assist where we can with international shipping but the primary responsibility for this belongs to the selling artist.


What is the Selling Process?

1. Selling artists provide works for sale in their Profile selling gallery.  Click on For Sale on the Artist Profile to find inventory on offer.

2.  The ArtSlant SalesRoom Team curates special collections of both Original and Print editions, which are on offer in The SalesRoom.

3.  Buyers may browse all inventory using our Search filters.  Search can be by artist name, color, price, size, subject, genre, tag.

4.  When a buyer has selected an Original work for purchase, buyer will email our Art Consultants for assistance.

5.  With emails of interest sent by prospective buyers, the Art Consultant will verify with the artist that the work is still available for sale and place a hold on the work.

6. The Art Consultant will assist with pricing, shipping, insurance, packing and other details between buyer and artist for US-based shipments only.  International shipments will be handled primarily between the artist and buyer directly.  Consultant will help to provide any information buyer needs to make a decision.

7. Upon deciding to buy, the buyer will be sent an ArtSlant invoice through email which includes the price of the work, the shipping and insurance costs. Buyer will complete the online purchase form, submitting delivery instructions and credit card or Paypal information.  All financial information is secure and encrypted.

8. Artist will receive email notification that the work has been bought.  Artist will pack, insure and ship work.  Art Consultant and buyer will track the shipment.

9. Artist will receive expedited payment as long as accurate and trackable shipping information is provided to ArtSlant.

10. Upon receipt and approval of work, the buyer confirms purchase with ArtSlant and the transaction is closed.