FAQ - ArtSlant's Blogroll and ArtSlant Blogs

How do I get my arts blog on the ArtSlant BLOGROLL?

If you write an art-related blog that you feel is of interest to the readers of ArtSlant, we would love to hear from you.  We regularly cull the internet for the new, the hip and the savvy from around the world to include on our art blogroll.  If we've missed your blog please shoot us an email, include a link and a little about yourself and what your blog covers.

Haven't seen the ArtSlant Blogroll?  Bookmark it.  It's under MAGAZINE on our Main Menu.  Here's the link for a quick peek (go to the Blogroll)

How do I start my own ArtSlant blog?

You can start your own blog right from your profile on ArtSlant!

To begin your ArtSlant blog you can give it a personalized title--click on >edit profile and go to the "Sections" tab to enter your blog's title--or just start posting.  To create a new blog post, click on >add blog article in the MANAGE box of your profile.  For info on how to add images and other tips check out our FAQ on the Rich Text Editor (here).

How do I get articles from my other blog into my ArtSlant blog?

If you already have a blog and want to import material to your ArtSlant blog, we suggest you cut and paste a healthy teaser, and then create a link to your outside blog.  This will create a nice back and forth between your ArtSlant blog and your outside blog.  Hint: It is always best to add an image to your ArtSlant blog as it will perk interest.  Our Facebook and Twitter teams always scroll through new blog entries for showcasing, so we suggest you figure out a good way to create great content on your ArtSlant blog.  You could be featured by us!